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German hardcore band TODD ANDERSON premiere new album!

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TODD ANDERSON, a passionate hardcore band hailing from Marburg, Hessen, Germany, channel the visceral character of their personal experiences with exhilarating power and melodic tendencies and heartfelt harmonies. The group made their debut with 2005’s demo EP, which defined their DIY aesthetic that continues with their brand new offering “Die Stille schreit nicht mehr”, the band’s 3rd full-length effort, officially out this Friday on Midsummer Records / Cargo Records. The record is an extremely well-balanced and competent effort and it is with equal parts urgency and emotion, aggression and passion, that make it so special. With so much generic hardcore bands nowadays, it is amazing to hear that some people have a handle of what the genre should channel. It is our pleasure to give you an exclusive premiere of this smart and diverse record. Dive into it and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

The band commented:

“Die Stille schreit nicht mehr” is our 3rd Album and the first after 7 years. It took us quite a while to finally record it. Being a band with members living not in the same area it is really hard to push things as fast as we’d love to to. The idea to work with friends in the process of doing the album was very important to us. So Lukas Wiesemüller of ASHES OF POMPEII recorded and mixed the album and Tobi Mösch (singer of ASHES OF POMPEII) laid down some guest vocals.

The songs of the album deal with rather personal stuff, some “coming of age topics”. Being grown up with all the good and the bad things that come with that. There is a certain nostalgia through the album, longing for a personal place of peace, home and family. Looking at all of our Albums, this one is the most positive one, which is also featured in the more melodic songwriting here an there. Although it continues our journey which we began with out last record, sound-wise.

The artwork is done by our friend Johann Zimmer/Über Okeh. The record should not look like a typical hardcore band record. It captures the longing for the sea which is often mentioned within the lyrics. This record brought us kind of back together as band and we’re pretty enthusiastic to play these songs live 2017. Lucky us, we get the chance to work with Tim of Midsummer Records to release this album. He released some brilliant records, we’re stoked to be one of his releases“cleardot

Photo by Christian Stein.

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