CREMATIONS by Tobias Luger of High Five Photography
CREMATIONS by Tobias Luger of High Five Photography
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German heavy hardcore band CREMATIONS return with new single “Conditioned”

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After a considerable wait, CREMATIONS has finally released a new track titled “Conditioned,” which will be featured in an upcoming digital EP. This release aims to bridge the gap between albums and provide fans with fresh material to enjoy. Once again, David Deutsch (known for his work with Spirit Crusher, Spark, Echo Chamber, Hirsch Effekt, among others) recorded, mixed, and mastered the song.

“Conditioned” showcases the band’s dedication to blending metal-inspired fast d-beat hardcore with a touch of chaos and weighty breakdowns. Thematically, the lyrics address the feeling of being trapped in a never-ending cycle of meeting societal expectations and shouldering the burden of exploitation. The song expresses the idea of coming to terms with a life shaped by choices and decisions made by others, a life in which one is conditioned to accept what they do not own.

The Hanover-based band, composed of members from Empty Vision, Downfall of Gaia, and King Apathy, formed in 2016 and devoted their collective efforts to crafting a hard-hitting and focused body of work. Their first EP, 1417, released in late 2017, served up nearly 15 minutes of vigorous aggression and atmospheric allure, hinting at what was yet to come. Their debut album, Dissolution Of Balance, released in February 2020, surpassed their previous offering in weight and intensity, delivering a musically, lyrically, and visually cohesive approach. It was evident from the outset that the album offered more than the standard hardcore record, and it effectively fused punk sensibilities with a metallic persuasion, drawing comparisons to All Pigs Must Die, Rise And Fall, Trap Them, and The Hope Conspiracy.


David Deutsch, of 1408 Productions (known for his work with Spirit Crusher, Angst, The Hirsch Effekt), captured the sonic excellence at Waveland Studio in Hanover, while Alan Douches at West West Side in New York, USA (recognized for his work with Baroness, Black Breath, Mastodon) handled the mastering duties.

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