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Melbourne grind powerviolence beast CHOOF streaming new wild album “Dimwitted Amoral Exploitation”

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CHOOF, the Melbourne-based outlaw grind band, has unleashed their debut 10″ vinyl EP “Dimwitted Amoral Exploitation,” featuring relentless sonic aggression. The EP was recorded and mixed by Max Dangerfield at Singing Bird Studios, Frankston, and is accompanied by a new video for the track “Mortuary Rat,” produced by Hussein Khoder.

“Dimwitted Amoral Exploitation,” is a calculated and unrelenting assault on the senses. The band draws influences from the likes of NAPALM DEATH and G.G. ALLIN & THE MURDER JUNKIES, and their live shows are known for frontman Jake’s wild antics.

Throughout “Dimwitted Amoral Exploitation,” CHOOF deliver a world-class grindcore performance that rivals heavyweights like WORMROT and NAPALM DEATH. This album is a must-listen for any fan of the genre.

Lyrically, the EP delves into the twisted and disturbing aspects of human existence, while the hard-hitting beats and Jake Seymour’s unique vocal stylings make this a world-class grindcore release.

CHOOF is set to take their new EP on the road this May, supporting LA power-violence legends DESPISE YOU on their first-ever Australian tour. CHOOF’s intensely visceral live shows have earned them the title of Sense Media’s “Most Dangerous Band of 2022.” The tour will take them to stages all along the east coast of Australia, from Southport to Melbourne.

CHOOF’s live performances are renowned for their “no holds barred” approach, and their new EP captures this same energy in the studio.

Catch DESPISE YOU and CHOOF live in concert at the following venues:

  • Tuesday, May 23: Vinnie’s Dive – Southport, with Shitgrinder and Entrapment
  • Wednesday, May 24: King Lear’s Throne – Brisbane, with The Meat and Skirmisher
  • Thursday, May 25: Transit Bar – Canberra, with Blight Worms and Bloodmouth
  • Friday, May 26: The Duke – Sydney, with Darkhorse and Maggot Cave
  • Saturday, May 27: The Tote – Melbourne, with Internal Rot and Diploid


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The EP is available now on 10″ vinyl with limited merch bundles from Deadset Records, or on your favorite digital streaming service.

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