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German metallic hardcore beast DAGGER THREAT discusses new album, heavy hardcore, live shows

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Shirtly after the recent reelase of their brutally charged new album “Weltschmerz”,  Hamburg heavyweight hardcore quintet DAGGER THREAT sat down with us for a little chit-chat about their heavy hitting new work, live shows and the post pandemic era in heavy music.

DAGGER THREAT‘s new release is peppered with samples and sound effects and results in the sum of an intense, schizophrenic mix that captivates from the beginning to its finale. “Weltschmerz” blends a plethora of influences and infuses metallic hardcore with radiant madness, resulting in one of the toughest heavy records of the year!

Hey guys! How’s 2022 been treating you so far?

It began with a lot of excitement because it’s the year we release our second longplayer. Unfortunately we had several delays in the vinyl production but we stuck to the plan for the digital release in June. We’ve played a few shows so far and have some more on the bill for later this year. We can’t wait to be on the road again.

Your new album is loaded with heavy hitting tracks and dancefloor-filling grooves. Your latest single in particular, the creepy track called “Cynic”, is a perfect display of your craft. Please tell us a bit about the content behind this banger.

The latest single and video we put out is “Cynic”. Lyrically it’s about some sort of a moral decay in our society. You read or hear horrible news all the time about shootings or refugees drowning in the sea or police brutality.

And people have nothing better to do than writing bullshit online or politicians using events for their own agenda instead being quiet if you have nothing good to say or actually trying to help.

What’s coming up next for you guys?

We’ve released our new album “Weltschmerz” digitally on all streaming platforms on June 3rd and now we want to get the word out there by playing shows everywhere, that’s the plan.

How about live shows?

We played Return To Strength Fest last weekend, we have some festivals on the bill like Krach am Bach in the south of Germany and Revelation Fest in Belgium and we’re supporting Comeback Kid in August. We’re super stoked to be a part of this one.

Give us your take on the post-pandemic status of your local scene. Are local shows back in full throttle?

I wouldn’t say full throttle, but things are slowly getting “back to normal”. For example Sunami and both of the Triple B Showcases are stopping in Hamburg, this will be pretty sick. And in general shows are again happening more and more which is great.

Lastly, give us your newer bands recomendations that we should check out this year.

We met some awesome people last week at Return To Strength Fest: Dethroned, Woat, Finalizer, Wrecked Culture, Haywire, Lifecrusher, Swoon and many more. Check out this sick live video to feel the vibe.

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