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Dark emoviolence / screamo band SOASTASPHRENAS comment on the death / funeral / rebirth journey of their debut release

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Formed by members of 2 other skramz / hardcore bands (that have since disbanded) out of Berlin, Germany, SOASTASPHRENAS is a new, interesting dark post hardcore project that has recently unveiled their debut track(s), a breathtaking, emotional journey through pain, loss, and nostalgia, sounding like a proper soundtrack to situations when darker things encroach on our lives.

Transliterated, Soas Tas Phrenas (σώας τας φρένας in Greek), means to have “Sound Breaks”- to be sane. When one does not have “sound breaks”, they are insane. “It’s an old Greek phrase that stuck with us.” – comments the band.

Technically two songs, Eleventh Hour serves as the introduction to This Is Going To Hurt.

Following a greater theme that will be unveiled further in a full-length EP / album, the lyrical content of the song explores the idea of struggling to move on from something in the past but still looking forward to the future.

“The future can’t come sooner, in the past I’m trapped inside, moment after moment, frequent thoughts of suicide”

“This is our first release, our wake-up call to ourselves and anyone out there within earshot. Many people have taken this period in time to rest and lick their wounds, but now’s the time to bury the past and reanimate, and we hope the rest will follow suit.” – comments the band, and gives us more details abotu both compositions:

Eleventh Hour is a prelude to This Is Going To Hurt. It sets the mood and prepares the listener for what they’re about to embark on.”

This Is Going To Hurt plays as a death/funeral/rebirth journey, all within its three-minute run time. Listen to this anytime you know you’re in a situation that needs to end and everyone involved will be better off when it does. anytime you know something is dead and deserves a proper burial, deserves a final goodbye, deserves to be let go before it turns into something you don’t want to remember it as.

Anytime there’s something better out there waiting, even if it’s just a free mind from the stress the past or present has levied onto you. Here’s a nudge on your shoulder hoping to assist you as you move on to better things, so your baggage won’t weigh you down as much as it feels like it does.”


“This anxiety-driven song plays on the understanding that telling yourself you will move on, you will distance yourself from something draining, you will stop your bad habits, you will start working on yourself starts to sound like a broken record – always repeating the same phrases, mistakes, actions, missteps. The feeling is mutual, but you have to keep pulling yourself out of these graves while leaving the pain and the past behind. Each step forward is a step away from this toxic being that once weighed you down, and a step towards a weathered but learned one.”

“Let us be your guide, as we are all using each other as a shoulder to lean on overcoming our own past struggles. This is the beginning of a rebirth we hope everyone can take part of and witness.”

Asked about their future plans, the band says that they plan on gaining their footing within something we can hopefully someday consider a community, by meeting other new bands and new fans.

“The next step on this journey would be recording and releasing our album, as well as playing live shows. We would like to reach out to anyone and everyone who would like to see us live, or who would like to share a stage with us to get in touch.” – they conclude.

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