Get thrashed! An interview with Irish crossover band HOLLOW TRUTH!

Here’s a little something for all of ya fans of LEEWAY, CRO-MAGS, “Wayne’s World” and sick, party, twisted tunes. Check out my newest, quick introductory interview with Dublin’s HOLLOW TRUTH, who have recently released a new song and music video from their new EP “The War Economy“, which is out now on DIY label Powertrip Records.

Hey there you thrashin’ basterds! How are you? How’s the “War Economy” era you’ve just entered? Are you ready to conquer the world?

What’s the craic! We’re doing very well and looking forward to hearing what people think about our new record. As for conquering the world – we might just have a couple pints of Guinness instead and let someone else do that!

What’s your mission?

We wanna play the type of songs that we want to hear – groovy thrash metal and hardcore crossover. If people don’t like our tunes, that’s cool, and if people do like them then that’s even cooler!


Who’s helping you build your business in hardcore and metal communities? How did you team up with Powertrip Records? Are there more labels involved in putting out your records?

Our friend Robbie McCabe at EHT Promotions has been there over the last two years giving us great shows within the Irish metal scene, so a big thanks goes to him.

As for hardcore, Hannes at Powertrip Records has done more for us by himself than anything else combined. He is incredibly hard-working and dedicated to hardcore and his label. There are no other labels involved in putting our music out. We are 100% a Powertrip Records band and happy to be so.

How do you fit the modern hardcore times with your old school raw thrashin’? Also, how do you feel you guys fit into the local music scene in your area?

It’s a strange one, like, some people seem to really really like the stuff we play, while a lot of others don’t. Maybe because we’re not so fast and not so heavy so it seems like we don’t appeal to a lot of the younger heads in the European hardcore scene. It’s cool though because a lot of people from the thrash metal scene seem to dig us, especially the older guys.

As for Dublin/Ireland, we get a lot of support from everyone. We have a lot of varied and different styles of hardcore bands in such a small scene so we fit right in! For example, FRUSTRATION, SPITTIN’ TEETH, NIBIRU, STRONGHOLD, AXECATCHER, BANG BROS (RIP?), HARBOURED (RIP), OBSTACLE, CROWS, SEIZURE, NO BIGGIE, STAIRWELLS and many more.

Tell me more about some of the coolest bands, labels, scene activists and their projects worth checking out.

CROWS, LANTERN FOR A GALE and STAIRWELLS are three Irish hardcore bands that have recently put out albums so check ’em out. There’s a cool new DIY gig space in Dublin called Tenterhooks that is great – the volunteers are doing a savage job there with loads of hardcore shows happening lately. The Warzone Centre is another brilliant anti-fascist DIY gig space keeping the scene going in Belfast, so that deserves a mention. Also, keep an eye on Black Mind Records, a new hardcore label from Dublin. Hopefully we’ll see some cool releases soon.

Ok, back to your amazing style, I must admit that I’m really into your anthemic chants and classy caterwauling in the vein of thrash metal giants of the 80s Can you tell us more about your writing and recording process? How do you create these swingin’ tunes?

Thank you, we’re delighted you enjoy our tunes. As said above, we just play songs that we want to hear ourselves. Usually Dean or Jake will come to the table with a couple of riff or a full song and we’ll all add our own little bits to it and if we’re happy with it we keep it! We’re lucky enough to get our good friend Shaun at Last Light Recordings to record our tunes, so we can head up to the studio and hang out, have a few beers and record at our leisure, sometimes through the night. He always provides a chilled out and calm (and patient!) recording process.


Is there already a solid plan for a full length?

That might just be a possibility! ;)

Have you already booked some European dates for later this year?

We don’t have any European dates booked yet, but there has been a few cool ideas thrown around for the end of the summer and next winter, so hopefully something cool materialises!

Great! Please make sure to let me know! Thanks for the quick update mateys! Cheers!

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