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.GIF FROM GOD release new video for “cincinnatically speaking”

Richmond, VA screamo cyber collective .gif from god have unleashed a gripping new music video for the song, “cincinnatically speaking…”. The track, which comes from the bands forthcoming and blistering new album, approximation_of_a_human, shows the band at their most chaotic; with surges of ruthless grinding, blasting beats and spastic riffage.

About the track and video, .gif from god comments,

“Bing ding! Gif from God back at u with skronks, wonks, an at LEAST one zonk. One time we were downwoading some e-legal netzones an we ran out of the chem-cocktails that make our brains run on normo-mode. Sufferin from potion partched programming, we prompt-like produced this plate and now we done dropped it.” .gif from god continue, ‘r partner in cybercrime Morta Sustain translated r manic panicked yee haws in2 regular speak for those who havent had their cerebro-zones contaminated by the megacorps n multibosses who done plugged us all into the digiblender. If u can dig it, mayB u still gotta chance to ctrl+z the hell on r hard drives. NEway hope u like [REDACTED]inatically Speaking!!”

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