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“Glued” – sad punks PACK SOUNDS debut new music video

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PACK SOUNDS‘ earworm debut LP “Bold Statements” marked one of the most surprising first impressions I’ve ever heard this year and it boasted a rich arsenal of moods into emotive rock & punk shaped confines. Surprisingly more direct and catchy than the band members’ other projects LOCKTENDERTHE REPTILIAN, SHOTOGUPPY, and BIKE TUFF, PACK SOUNDS tug at the heartstrings of the listeners with nostalgic feel seeping from their driving rhythms and outstanding, mature songwriting. Today, we’re giving you the band’s first ever music video for one of the best tracks from the record called “Glued”. Directed, filmed, and edited by Ina Foster-Goodrich, the video can be seen above.

The band’s vocalist Andrew Kallicragas commented:

The video for “Glued” was filmed over two days this summer with our good friend Ina Foster-Goodrich. She’s been an awesome supporter of the band and even contributed some gang vocals on “Bold Statements“, so it was great to film with someone that already had a great personal connection with us. She did an amazing job and we’re particularly happy with her creative use of lighting and colour.

This video stars my daughter Averie. She sings the duet with me on the record, so it was nice to have her be part of the visual component as well. For me personally, I love that I now have a little time capsule of her as a 7 year old.

The second half of the video reflects her true personality (a very happy, energetic, fun loving kid), so it was actually quite amusing to coach her to be sad and depressed looking for the beginning. She is a total ham though and as soon as we stopped recording, she would be cracking jokes and doing her “hXc” voice into the microphone. All in all, we had a lot of fun putting this together. Since the song itself deals with some heavier lyrical content regarding anxiety, depression and agoraphobia; I think having the positive clips with my daughter, the dogs and the band goofing around helped bring a nice, hopefully optimistic, contrast to the video. My aim is for the lyrics to convey a message of solidarity and togetherness so that sufferers know they aren’t alone and things will get better.

As for Pack Sounds, we’re all moving full steam ahead. Since the record came out in June, we did our first proper tour, having a blast in Northeastern Canada and the US. Then we had to take a quick break in August and September while we all dealt with other band touring commitments but now we are back and making big plans for 2019. Nothing is 100% yet, but I’m pretty positive you could count on us doing some touring in Europe and also some touring stateside, maybe even with some Euro buds if we play our cards right. We’ll be sure to share our plans as we confirm them but there are so many places Pack Sounds has never played that we are thrilled to venture to as many of them as possible in 2019.

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