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GREAT FALLS and THE GREAT SABATINI blend aggressive aesthetics with riveting patterns on their new split LP

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Seattle’s GREAT FALLS and Montreal’s GREAT SABATINI have teamed up for a unique, interesting split release on Hex Records. Both bands contributed sound for the interlude track- a spooky noise piece that repeats on a locked groove. It creates an engaging experience for the listener, as they have to physically move the needle to continue on to the second half of the record. Both bands push the envelope of what heavy, complex, and massively distorted noise rock/metal can be and are at the forefront of whatever it is exactly that they both do. Today, we’re giving you the first listen of two amazing tracks that represent well developed heavy sound and sophisticated energy from bands capable of delivering noisy treats in every way with an uncompromising pile of riffs and engaging ideas.

GREAT FALLS debuts the track, “Our Lonely Old Year”, a short and vicious attack. Bassist Shane Mehling states,

“When we recorded these songs back in 2016 we had no idea where they were going to end up. That they wound up on one of our favorite labels alongside one of the most interesting and creative bands in extreme music today feels pretty damn good.”

THE GREAT SABATINI debuts their song, “Entartete Kunst”, which guitarist Sean Arsenian sums up with,

“Entartete Kunst is German for “degenerate art”, and was inspired by the art exhibition of the same name of stolen modern art held by the Nazi party in 1937 in order to defame a larger community of artists and establish a state sanctioned aesthetic for what was acceptable in artistic expression. There isn’t a cohesive narrative here, just a sort of stream of consciousness type of thing stemming from reading about that moment in history and thinking about how little has changed in the way art is currently received by the general public. This song, for example, probably qualifies as repugnant and devoid of merit to most, but a few weirdos on the fringes will appreciate the angles.”

The split can be purchased now at this location. International orders are highly encouraged to order through MVD through this spot.


The new split LP from GREAT SABATINI and GREAT FALLS unveils a fine offering of gross, heavy music with unique packaging in a very limited pressing. Along with both bands submitting new music not on their new individual records this record contains a collaborative middle interlude on a locked groove, letterpressed covers, and an etched B-side. Great Falls guitarist/vocalist Demian Johnson contributes the haunting cover art, which he printed via letterpress at his own studio. Meanwhile, Great Sabatini’s Sean Arsenian designed the wild artwork that comprises the B-side of this LP as a laser-etched design.


GREAT FALLS released their new LP “A Sense Of Rest” on December 21st on Corpse Flower Records and Throatruiner Records. Learn more about it and listen to the full thing in this news round-up.

THE GREAT SABATINI‘s “Goodbye Audio” was released on Novemebr 16th through version available through Pink Lemonade Records, Ancient Temple Recordings, No Why Records and No List Records. GO HERE to check it out.

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