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“Mere Mortals” – GREAT REVERSALS premiere new album!

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2 years after one of IDIOTEQ’s finest interviews with Eric Scobie of GREAT REVERSALS, I am super proud to give you an exclusive premiere of the band’s debut LP called “Mere Mortals”, featuring guest vocals from Mr Greg Bennick of the almighty TRIAL and BETWEEN EARTH & SKY, Rorik Brooks of CLOUD RAT and Dylan Duffiney of SHUDDERS. Recorded at Bricktop Studios in Chicago with Andy Nelson of WEEKEND NACHOS and mastered by Brad Boatright of TRAGEDY, “Mere Mortals” is a co-release between the band, Hydrogen Man Records, Bitter Melody Records, and State of Mind Recordings, and will be out in the next few weeks!

“Mere Mortals” proves itself to be one of the essential hardcore records of 2016. Not only did GREAT REVERSALS deliver a quality record compiled of brilliant, passionate tunes, but they also fuse their efforts with thought-provoking lyrics that can keep yoou captivated and expand your consciousnes! It cuts right to the core. Excellent job, gentlemen!

Formed in 2009, Michigan’s Great Reversals has steadily built an impressive discography. Releasing a host of EPs and splits, the band has consistently churned out powerful hardcore centered around deeply personal, often philosophical lyrics infused with the idealism that has always been at the heart of the DIY scene.

Now the band is poised to unleash their debut LP “Mere Mortals” in collaboration with State of Mind Recordings, Bitter Melody Records, andHydrogen Man Records. Spanning 11 songs in total, “Mere Mortals” channels 90’s heavyweights like Trial, Integrity and Harvest, while infusing occasional moments of post-rock flair. Lyrically, the record is a reflection on the often desperate and heart-breaking state of the human condition, as seen through the lenses of friends, family, and acquaintances. Recorded and mixed by Andy Nelson, and mastered by Brad Boatright, the weight of the record’s subject matter is surpassed only by its crushing production, resulting in a jarring and colossal listen.

Detailed explanations of all the songs have been going up at vocalist Aaron Whitfield’s blog.

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