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Grinding noise beast LWSTNDRDS throws punches at political and church tyrants through new double single

Following the recent assaults on women’s rights by the Law and Justice Party in Poland, conducted through a bill that restricts the country’s already draconian abortion laws, as well as further scandalous actions of the PiS regime and the newest revelations about prominent churchman Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz covering up sex abuse by priests in Poland, comes the politically charged, ruthless, powerviolent noise double single from noise mongers LWSTNDRDS! The Zabrze, Poland’s based extreme fusionists created it to support the All-Poland Women’s Strike (Ogólnopolski Strajk Kobiet) and Abortion Dream Team, and the vicious duo of tracks serves as a perfect commentary to modern socio-poitical affairs. Today, we’re pleased to give you the band’s first hand commentary about both bangers.

Both tracks come from the writing sessions for the band’s 2019 EP Decent Funerals. Artwork by almighty Bartosz Zaskórski.


It’s not the newest idea, but when we think about faith and religion in general (in its systemic, corporate side), all we see is oppresive and disgusting relations between servants and those who own the power. So we have „hand with fingers full of golden rings” as a symbol of unlimited authority and control in the hands of fucking assholes like Jędraszewski. The events of recent weeks in Poland only confirm their viciousness and need to control. Never bow to them, trust no one.

nothing between
only power and discipline
we bow and we crawl
under this hand
with fingers full of golden rings



The second piece is more like a „revenge song” – it describes delusional character of their actions, loathsome appearance and lack of any moral spine. It’s funny because the main inspiration, both graphically and lyrically, was Dziwisz and the day we released this material, the topic of hiding by him acts of pedophilia in catholic church was widely discussed in the media. The way he acts and he talks about all those cases fits perfectly to the last words of songs: defeat them, annihilate them.


delusions and lies
corrupted, pointless faith
obese face with a lustrous
cross around his neck
broken spine held by white collar
defeat, annihilate

Grinding noise beast LWSTNDRDS throws punches at political and church tyrants through new double single
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