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Gritty lo-fi emo screamo act Tuzan Decak Kavr Bend share new song “obe​ć​aj”

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The beginning of this track might really surprise you—don’t adjust your receivers, as the drilling vocal was entirely intentional. TUZAN DECAK KAVR BEND, or TDKB, is the brainchild of Filip, who many of you might recognize from our magazine’s features as Eva Ras and Confusion Specialist label. Filip’s new project is quite different from what we’ve seen from him before. As he explains, “I play and sing for another project called Tuzan Decak Kavr Bend. It’s a different breed from Eva Ras.”

Just recently, Filip dropped a single from his upcoming EP ‘…Sada,’ which is set to be released in mid-July. You can look forward to physical copies available through Khya Records and Dingleberry Records, and this release even includes a remix by Mudblood.

When asked about the difference between his previous work and this new venture, Filip delved into the nuances of TDKB: “TDKB doesn’t rely much on emoviolence sound but rather on a softer screamo/slowcore sound. At times, it incorporates some Midwest emo elements, much like 125, RUE MONTMARTRE, one of my inspirations. It takes an approach on themes such as childhood, a sense of belonging, relationships with partners, families, and other troubling themes. On one hand, Eva Ras is a straightforward cutthroat take on cultural and political deterioration, while on the other hand, TDKB focuses or touches on personal aspects.”

So remember, this isn’t the hardest music Filip has recorded. For those interested in exploring his full range of artistry, there are plenty of other projects to delve into.

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