SLOPE poster by @antlers.and.tusks
SLOPE poster by @antlers.and.tusks
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Groovy funk hardcore era continues – SLOPE returns with crazy new tune “Freak Dreams”, new deal with Century Media

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As you slip on your headphones and hit play, you are catapulted into a world where the funk of the Red Hot Chili Peppers meets the relentless energy of TURNSTILE. Meet SLOPE, a 5-piece troupe from the industrial heartland of Duisburg, Germany, who have just unleashed their newest earworm , ‘Freak Dreams‘.

One might call it a contemporary symphony of eclecticism, but for many, it’s simply the soundtrack to liberation from the mundane. “Freak Dreams” is a glorious example of SLOPE’s aptitude for blending genres into a stirring, soul-awakening narrative. Drawing on the groovy, melodic elements of hardcore, it’s a song that possesses a vibrant energy, making you both smile and seek the nearest dance floor. See for yourself.

Freak Dreams” is no mere accident; it’s the outcome of a band who has an intimate understanding of the threads of music that tie us all together. Their formula is no secret – an exciting fusion of hardcore, infused with irresistible funky grooves, seasoned with a subtle hint of rap. This distinctive blend that SLOPE masterfully weaves has earned them a place at the vanguard of the genre’s evolution.

This dynamism arrives in the wake of their fresh signing to the esteemed Century Media Records. The band expressed their gratitude with a statement, painting a vivid picture of their journey from grassroots beginnings to standing at the cusp of a new chapter:

“We are very proud to announce the collaboration with @centurymediarecords! Over the last 6 months of talking with the label it became crystal clear that we found the perfect partner to team up with for our future. When we look back to where we came from to signing a contract with such a big record company, we can say we are celebrating one of, or maybe the biggest milestone in this band’s history!”

Founded in 2014, SLOPE carved out a unique space for themselves in the hardcore scene. The band’s oeuvre is characterized by a potent combination of kinetic rhythms, visceral lyrics about personal struggles, societal disillusionment, and a fiery rejection of the 9-to-5 grind. Their sound – a full-throttle assault of riffs, grooves, and stomps – has seen them share stages with stalwarts like Madball, Turnstile, Cold World, Code Orange, and Terror, among others.

Their philosophy? To inspire movement, both physical and metaphorical, to encourage their listeners to let go of the struggles that bind them. Their music is a celebration of resilience, a homage to the beautiful chaos that life often is. There are no rules, no obstacles, only boundless creativity.

In 2021, SLOPE unveiled their debut LP “STREET HEAT“, a smorgasbord of songs, both harsh and funky, crafted to provoke both smiles and mosh pits alike. Recorded at Level 3 Studios and in collaboration with BDHW Records, the album stands as a testament to their indefatigable spirit.

Today, they stand as the figureheads of a new wave in music, urging us all to ride the wave with them into an exciting and uncharted sonic frontier. Be sure to follow these guys and catch them live on tour this Summer at the following dates:


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