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Groovy hardcore pack DEALER share new video “Dilerium”; new crossover EP streaming!

Cracow based crossover hardcore band DEALER have recently dropped their 3-tracker “Dilerium” and new music video for the powerful title track that gives you a good example of what to expect from this amazing genre-blender. Mixing various influences, from rapcore, through emotional hardcore, to even black metal, the EP doesn’t lose its intensity throughout its short length and leaves a solid mark, similar to Polish conscious-jolting and high-energy classics like ZŁODZIEJE ROWERÓW, APATIA, BIAŁA GORĄCZKA, APRIL, or REGRES.

“Still the same, but feels like something new”, an excerpt taken from Dilerium may sound trivial, but for these words are the quintessence of more than 20 year of their existence on the Polish scene. How long can you play music and not get bored? How many bands fell apart because of stagnation? Dealer’s recipe is to constantly try something slightly new, mix different genres and create music with a really wide range of styles.


And you can certainly hear it on their latest release, “Dilerium”. From hardcore punk, hip hop infused parts, to some black metal vibes. Their signature mixture of infuences comes quite impactful on first listen.

“The EP kind of revolves around our rehearsal place – THE GARAGE – which serves not only as a creative space, but also a spot where friends meet and parties are held.” – says the band.

To make it more explicit, the video fr the title track was recorded during rehearsals and edited by the band themselves. You can consider it an invitation to their own little world, a tiny spot that takes a special place in their hearts.


Dealer started in 1998 with inspiration like Sepultura, Korn, polish Kazik na Żywo, always aimed to deliver heavy jams.

Low tunings, groovy bits and Polish lyrics focused on the general state of society were always a mark of their writing. This vibe can be heard on their first release “Degradacja“, after which the band took a little turn to more punk oriented sound, displayed on their EP “Wola mocy“.

With their latest LP “Niewidzialni” and the newest “Dilerium” EP, the band proves that they still have some ingenuity up their sleeve to surprise their listeners… and probably even themselves.

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