GUT HEALTH by Kristi Xhelili, kristixman
GUT HEALTH by Kristi Xhelili, kristixman
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GUT HEALTH brings back the good vibe of the 90s with new single “Runaway High”

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From the raw energy of Worcester, MA, emerges GUT HEALTH, a band that’s as much an attitude as it is a musical endeavor. Their sound—a no-holds-barred fusion of 90’s gutter rock and post-hardcore—grabs you by the scruff and doesn’t let go until you’re staggering down memory lane, a cold beer in hand, looking for the next pizza joint.

The quartet’s latest jam, ‘Runaway High’, is a gritty homage to a bygone era, blended with the unapologetic rough edges of modern alternative rock. It’s the kind of track that kicks in the door of mainstream music with combat boots and a flannel shirt.

Mixed by the deft hands of Jon Markson, who’s spun his magic on acts like Drug Church and Soul Blind, and anchored by the pounding drums of David Haik, ‘Runaway High’ is a time machine with the dial set to the golden era of grunge and emo vibes.

As the band recounts, “This song was stashed away in a folder along with a handful of other tunes back in 2017 by our guitarist Keith Dusoe. The tunes came up in conversation in 2020 during the pandemic and I asked if I could try throwing some vocal ideas over them. This was the first song I touched and we vibed on it immediately so I just kept cranking out more demos. So when I think about Runaway High, I think about the seeds that started the band, and how volatile each moment we have here is. Every moment is an opportunity – to make a bad thing better; to make something out of nothing. The song is also about getting bent on psilocybin. <3”

Runaway High’ kicks off with a dark, moody vocal that soon erupts into an emotively charged chorus, lightening the mood without losing the intensity. It’s a nod to the 90’s grunge scene but with a modern twist that acknowledges the past without being chained to it. It’s a sonic experience that’s both rad and cerebral, leaving listeners with a hankering for the authenticity and raw emotion of that era.

For those who’ve ever found solace in the angst-ridden lyrics of Nirvana, the experimental sounds of Faith No More, or the defiant punk energy of Green Jellé, GUT HEALTH is for your ears. And for the modern rock enthusiast who digs the likes of Turnstile or White Lung, this band is an echo of the past, reverberating into the now.

Catch them on their socials @guthealthforever or drop them a line at [email protected]. Check out their Linktree HERE.


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