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“Pequeña Flor” RUINA’s searing ode to love and loss

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In the amalgam of emotions that music can evoke, RUINA, a post-hardcore band from Lleida, Catalonia, weaves a poignant narrative of love and loss in their latest single, “Pequeña Flor.” Coming as an ode to love in its most spiritual form, the new track explores the profound respect, connection, and freedom that true love brings, transcending mere chemistry into something akin to a spiritual union.

Pequeña Flor” is a sonic exploration of love’s fragility—strong yet susceptible to withering away unexpectedly. The band poignantly illustrates this through the metaphor of a simple flower, emblematic of love’s delicate nature. But there’s an edge to this floral imagery, a hint of decay that sets in when love fades, when that spiritual bond that once flourished rots and disintegrates.


This theme of ephemeral beauty and the pain of dissolution is central to RUINA’s upcoming debut EP, “Abismo Floral,” set for release on December 8th across all major platforms, with physical copies available on CD, Cassette, and 7″ vinyl.

The EP is a journey through the rugged landscape of hardcore, softened by the warmth of intricate melodies and the heart-wrenching rawness of the lyrics.


Each of the five tracks serves as a vignette, capturing the heartbreak that often shadows our most intense connections.

RUINA’s sound straddles the line between the core of authentic hardcore and the experimental edges of screamo, resulting in a debut that is both mature and ferocious.

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