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AMITURE’s ‘Billy’s Dream’: a raw glitch in Brooklyn’s alternative electronic soundscape

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In the gritty underbelly of Brooklyn’s music scene, Amiture emerges with their latest alternativ electronic single, “Billy’s Dream,” an enigmatic entry that announces their forthcoming album “Mother Engine.”

Jack Whitescarver and Coco Goupil, the duo that constitutes Amiture, have distilled their experimental vigor into this track, marking a stark evolution for the outfit. Their collaborative songwriting has birthed an album steeped in a cacophony of synthy goth pop and outlaw blues, interlaced with the raw edges of trip hop and dark wave, a concoction that’s as unpredictable as the streets of their borough.

The single, which dropped on November 8th, is a display of the duo’s shift towards aural collage-making, a process of mining sonic gold from fleeting moments in sound.

This track isn’t just heard; it’s experienced in fragments, in the echoes of a drum break by Matt Norman and in the ghostly reverberations of Whitescarver’s vocals, all anchored by Goupil’s haunting guitar. The lyrics? They paint the disintegration of a man named Billy Lamb, but they’re more than a narrative — they’re a mirror to the chaos we’ve all felt at the wheel of self-destruction.

The visuals accompanying “Billy’s Dream” are no less than a short film, directed by Cyrus Duff. Here, the Safehouse bar becomes a stage where characters embodying Billy’s fractured psyche converge. They’re not friends, but their shared history of something dark and illicit binds them.

Each character, both in the throes of public communion and in the solitude of their private lives, is observed by enigmatic detectives, suggesting a narrative where everyone is suspect, and every action has weight.


As for “Mother Engine,” slated for a February release, it’s an album that promises to be a tapestry of these dark, intricate narratives, an invitation to dive headfirst into the chaotic beauty of Amiture’s reimagined world.

The upcoming single release and album announcement party at Mansions on November 14th is a gathering of minds and music, with a lineup of artists ready to turn the night into a mosaic of sound and visuals.

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