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Hardcore act KILLED BY FLORIDA release politically charged debut full length

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Coming out of West Palm Beach, KILLED BY FLORIDA has been causing a bit of a stir in the South Florida punk and hardcore scene. Having shared the stage with Murphy’s Law, The Queers and others, Killed By Florida is taking their politically charged fast, sludgy sound and causing a scene. Having been described as loved by few, hated by many, but never ignored. Probably because they really don’t give a frog’s fat ass about what anybody thinks!

From offending rich kids with trust accounts, being fed up with a two-party political system, religious hypocrisy and gay rights. You name it. They address it. The highlights for the album for me were My Vote Counts, Entitled Asshole, and Pray Away the Gay and Fuck Tomorrow, being my favorite track on the album. Their fast, but sludgy mix of punk and hardcore will surely get you going, just as their live shows do.

The best way I can describe their sound is like Gwar meets Punk Rock!

They even add a bit of humor to their sound without losing any authenticity, as well. Getting a solid A from me on this release, it is well deserving of your time. We caught up with Vocalist, Jammer Hooper, and he gave us a little track-by-track rundown of the new album.

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Stench of Death, the first song on the album is short and to the point. The lyrics were written 20 years ago about the greed and lies in our government. It’s a very nihilistic point of view like many songs we have written. I guess it’s about being so consumed with greed you stink of death.

My Vote Counts is a song about the rigged two-party system and how they don’t care about us. We are just a number. We are just happily playing along to their game while fighting for lesser of two evils. I mean yes go vote but this shit is fucked.

Mr. Riff got its name because it was just a riff our guitarist Mike Rivers had written and he had wrote it on our dry erase board so we wouldn’t forget it and the next practice I was like what is Mr. Riff? We all had a good laugh and I wrote lyrics to go with the idea of the song being about someone “Mr. Riff”.  It is a fuck you song! Fuck everyone and everything. Fuck politicians and fuck religion. Fuck the government and bigots.

No One Not Nothing is a catchy tune about being happy with the crumbs, scraps and drips from the trickledown economy. It’s about wanting to give up because no one, not nothing, is worth anything anymore but still we hold on and never give up.

The Second Coming of Christ is about our never-ending war that has killed tens of thousands and how we never know who we just killed. Did that drone just kill the smartest person in the world? Did the person that is going to change the world starve to death or drown in a river fleeing war and looking for a better life.

Entitled Asshole is about twisting what a lot of people say to poor people and turning it around on them. They are the problem, not us.

Pray Away the Gay is a song that mocks religious wackos who think that conversion therapy works and how the ones that are the most outspoken against gays are really just closet homosexuals.

Red White Fuck You is about America. It’s about how fat and lazy we are. It’s about guns, god and beer. Or something like that.

Silence Is Compliance is a song about standing up and saying something before it’s too late. It’s about how racist assholes are coming out of the hills and hiding their racism in politics in the name of free speech. You cannot simply be NOT RACIST you have to be ANTI-RACIST.

Fuck Tomorrow is something I think most of us can relate to. It’s about just living for today and saying, “fuck tomorrow!” and not giving a shit about what we are doing to our bodies. We dedicate this song to my father that passed not long after we wrote it. He lived that live fast die life.

Turkey Talk. Ha. It’s was an idea Mike had about a calm Democrat arguing with an irate republican. Bryan had the idea for the name Turkey Talk. Like Thanksgiving dinner when your old racist uncle is going on one of his rants about immigrants.

Cat Food was written when I was 18 and kicking dope and the struggles of people not helping but continuing to enable the addiction. Get out of my way!!!

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I am 46 years old. I grew up in New Jersey, but I currently live in Florida. I work as an alarm technician and I have 2 beautiful girls. I am a vocalist for the band THe F/A and I write music reviews and conduct band interviews with my spare time.

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