Hardcore Help Foundation Summerfest 2014 recap!

Check out some of the impressions of Hardcore Help Foundation Summerfestival 2014, that took place on Saturday, July 12th in Halver, Germany. This amazing free hardcore punk festival was a place to share ideas of what dedicated hardcore kids are doing to make a difference in the world and gathered a bunch of amazing bands including STICK TO YOUR GUNS, FOCUSEDxMINDS, STRENGTH APPROACH, ALL FOR NOTHING, and NO TURNING BACK. See the details and some videos and pics shot during the festival. As always, stay tuned for more!

The Hardcore Help Foundation is a non profit project and part of an registered social association, Die Flotte e.V. in Bochum (Germany). A social club that helps people

HHF is a collaboration of friends and volunteers from all over the world to support people in need. We are collecting merch on hardcore shows and accept (merch) donations. We also have some own merch in our onlineshop for sale. All profit goes to our projects. / HHF

HHF Summerfest 2014 from Hardcore Help Foundation on Vimeo.

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