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Hardcore/metal heavyweights CHAVER premiere one hell of a bloody, track-long breakdown – watch!

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Since our special tape premiere in December 2017, we somehow missed it and haven’t posted a word about CHAVER‘s massive debut album “TRANSFERENCE” last year, but today we’re thrilled to give you the band’s new brutal offering, new song & video called “A Cellar Door”, teasing their new LP of the same name, slated for an April 10th release via Injustice Records (order HERE)!

Interestingly, the new album comes as two-sided experiment, with Side A being the band’s well-known metallic hardcore style, while Side B unveiling their electronic tinged, unconventional experiment. The new track “A Cellar Door” gives you a good idea of what to expect from the latter.

Guitarist Winny comments:

We had the idea to do a concept LP back on our release tour to our first album TRANSFERENCE back in early 2019. We’ve been discussing the sense and implemation, the format and the content for quite a while. The foundation of the record became the thanatology (scientific study of death). I knew the phases of grief (by the psychiatrist Kübler Ross) through my studies. She accompanied dying persons and tried to build a model of different phases of the dying process. She described 5 phases, Disavow, Anger, Negotiation, Depression and Consent. That was the perfect match for us. Perfect to transport what we wanted to express. We took these phases to describe existence at all. Reflecting the reality is harder than it was ever before, we tried to communicate that very same idea with our debut TRANSFERENCE. Could we react any more effective than describing the whole existence as a phase of grief? Nothing has any meaning when you’re confronted with the end, the end is always death.

chaver BAND

Neither Idols, nor gods, nor the system, nor origin make any sense when confronted with the end. When we die, we’re all the same!

I took us a while to find out how to make music out of that. Jan (Injustice Records) and Chris (bass, vocals) started to brainstorm around that idea. We decided to split up the record into two phases. For side A, it was perfectly clear to once again work together with Jan Oberg at his Hidden Planet Studio (Berlin). Recording there is really relaxed and we trust him. Lyric wise, the record is really personal and dark. Willi (drums backing vocals) made the drum patterns rather rudimentary and more effective. Jan Oberg helped me to optimize the guitar sound once again. We created a wholesome wall of sound!

For Side B, we decided to try an experiment and to describe the 5 phases onomatopoeic. We worked together with a good friend and talented producer. Magnus at lala Studios (Leipzig) was willing to try this experiment with us. In a very personal weekend, we mixed something from Jazz, Metal, Industrial and Noise. It was supposed to hurt.

A Side: Recorded mixed and mastered by Jan Oberg / Hidden Planet Studio Berlin in Jan ’20! Additional Vocals on Epitaph by Steffen G recorded by David Deutsch / 1408 Productions Hannover in Dec ’19! ! B Side: Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Magnus Wichmann / lala Studios Leipzig in Jan ’20! Additional Vocals by Susi S

Chaver is a band from Leipzig, Germany somewhere in between Hardcore, Metal and Punk. Since 2016, they are touring Europe relentlessly.

Early 2019, after numerous Splits and EPs, Chaver released their highly acclaimed debut LP TRANSFERENCE through Injustice Records.

Their music is a violent outburst of frustration, fear, negotiation and disavow.

CHAVER by Christoph Breuer
CHAVER by Christoph Breuer

An uplifting moment won’t be found. The new LP “A Cellar Door”, which is to be released in April 2020, follows this exact direction, yet it is their most personal, dark and experimental work to date. With the release of the new material, Chaver planed to follow their familiar track. Touring more, harder and better than before.

The current, terrible Covid-19 situation all over the world comes in the way.

After cancellations of several tours and festival appearances, Chaver is left, sitting on a big pile of merch, vinyl and debts. Instead of waiting it out, Chaver planed a handful of projects unattached by the shutdown of live music culture and tries to reschedule shows around all of Europe for fall, hoping for the situation to go back to normal. Times of unrefelcted panic-buying, acceptance of harming elder people and risk groups or the devastating effects of total Isolation on the mental health are paving the way to new outcome which can be expected in 2021.


The local music scene in Leipzig is pretty much on hiatus during these days.

Venus are shut down, bands got to cancel their shows and to prevent people from being infected, musicians do not rehearse or something. It sucks for bands like us who try to release an album as well as it sucks for bands that just released a record and cant promote it right now. Haexlar for example is a new Leipzig Power Violence dark hardcore outfit, that put out a fantastic debut record in February. Sure complaining about not being able to play shows might seem a bit first world problem-ish but it gets really tricky, when your job is effected. Our singer Chris for example prints merch for touring bands. No bands need tour merch, at the moment. Our friend Alex owns a van which we were supposed to rent for tour. Its canceled now. Another big part of his income is booking huge Metal shows in Leipzig or book European tours for bands from abroad. Needless to state, how shitty his situation is right now. Lots of bands or spots in the diy scene ask for support these days. We did the same. It is overwhelming to see how many people are willing to help by ordering an extra T-Shirt or pay for a record on bandcamp, they already own. It is not getting easier tho. Lots of friends lost their jobs (outside the music industry) already and struggle to get along themselves. It’s tough times for everyone. That’s for damn sure!

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