Harley Flanagan claims self-defense during the last week’s incident

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The recent incident including CRO-MAGS members, at the “CBGB Festival” in New York City, NY is taking a turn. Harley Flanagan claims self-defense!

New York Native Icons the Cro-Mags and Webster Hall made headlines together this past weekend at the CBGBs Festival when violence erupted at the club.

Cro-Mags founder, Harley Flanagan himself and his attorney have told exclusively in a statement that everything that happened on July 6th at the CBGB’s Festival Cro-Mags show at Webster Hall happened in “self defense.” Harley was not the aggressor and any and all of his actions were in self defense. This statement is in direct conflict with all major media reports covering the events which happened that night.

On that steamy July evening crowds expected the Cro-Mags, billed as John “Bloodclot” Joseph, Mackie, William Bereraio and Michael Couls the “Gook”, instead they left disappointed confused and angry with a cancelled show and the impression that a disgruntled Harley Flanagan “attacked” current band members.

Harley Flanagan tells his story in an exclusive in-depth interview in the coming days.

Harley Flanagan tells New York Natives his story in an exclusive in-depth interview in the coming days. Stay tuned!



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