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THE HEADS ARE ZEROS / NECK FIRST exclusive split premiere & commentary

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I am super stoked to give you the newest sick split record by THE HEADS ARE ZEROS and NECK FIRST, two amazing chaotic hardcore / screamoish mathcore bands from Baltimore! Released by Don’t Live Like Me Records on vinyl, this crushing effort will be celebrated at an intimate house show this coming weekend. Be there if you’re near, but first listen. The first listen will intrigue you enough to play it again… and again.

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David Gill (guitar, THE HEADS ARE ZEROS) commented for IDIOTEQ.com:

We recorded our EP with Matt from Neck First in early 2014 and the idea for a split came up during those sessions. Kehan from Don’t Live Like Me Records contacted us a few months after that and the timing was perfect. We had two songs we knew would be a good compliment to Neck First’s music and we recorded them with Matt in one afternoon. Our vocalist Olivia drew the cover art and I put together all the packaging from that pencil drawing. Kehan managed all the vinyl production details on his end and we’re really happy with the results.

Sean McFarland (guitar, NECK FIRST) added:

Fringe aggressive music is sometimes lonely. Extreme music genres have become very insular recently, so it’s sometimes hard for Neck First to feel at home. Not hardcore, not grindcore, not screamo, puts us in a catalog that’s commonly referred to as “that 00’s whitebelt sound.” The first band we ever played a show with, American Womanhood, was the closest musical relative we’ve ever had. So we were very glad to see The Heads are Zeros rise from that grave along with a member of another great band, Snakes and Ladders.

Releasing new aggressive music of this caliber with The Heads are Zeros solidifies our tiny corner in the ever expansive Baltimore music scene, and support from Don’t Live Like Me Records makes this our largest endeavor yet. Matt Redenbo, besides being our vocalist, is a brilliant recording engineer, and none of this would not be possible without him. Special thanks also goes out to New Alliance East for their help in mastering the record. We hope you enjoy!



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