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Heartfelt rockers BATS & MICE return with first new LP in 12 years – hear new song “Worst Time”

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After a 12-year hiatus that felt like a slow-burn suspense novel, Bats and Mice are back with the kind of plot twist that has fans of their tangled, emotive punk infused rock on the edge of their seats. The band, with lineup with ties to Sleepytime Trio, Rah Brahs, and Men’s Recovery Project, is dropping their first LP in over a decade via Lovitt Records.

Today, we’re ripping the packaging off their latest single, ‘Worst Time,’ a track that pulsates with the band’s signature blend of hardcore roots and dark, serpentine melodies.

According to Dave NeSmith, “‘Worst Time‘ is a song about learning about your own pain. How embracing your feelings and truly knowing them can be a quicker path to healing than trying to avoid them.”

BATS & MICE by Kent Corley
BATS & MICE by Kent Corley

The journey to “PS: Seriously.” was an odyssey, with two of the founding members laying the groundwork back in 2012.

But life, with its births and careers and myriad twists, put the album on a detour until early 2023. Reconvening at Chapel Hill’s Warrior Sound, the band rekindled the project’s embers and fanned them into a blaze that’s as much a testament to their tenacity as it is to their talent.

From their critically acclaimed self-titled EP to touring with the likes of Fugazi and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Bats and Mice have always been more than just a band. They’re a relentless drive, a powerhouse of creative might, and with “PS: Seriously.”, they’re redefining the narrative.

Stay tuned for the full release on May 31st.

BATS & MICE by Kent Corley
BATS & MICE by Kent Corley

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