Demersal art
Art by Sebastian Greis Andersen
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Danish screamo behemoth DEMERSAL is back with new single “Androide Identiteter”

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Get ready for some raw, unfiltered emotion pouring out from the depths of the post-hardcore/screamo world. Demersal, the band that’s been ripping through the fabric of hardcore with their intense vibes, is back with a brand new track that’s gonna set your soul on fire. After hitting us hard with ‘Lys I Natten,’ they’re cranking up the heat withAndroide Identiteter,’ a track that kicks off unassuming but quickly escalates into a full-blown demonic assault.

Starting off with a deceptive calm, the song suddenly smashes into you with a power that’s almost unholy. The vocals swing between raw, emotive screams and moments of soaring emotion, creating a rollercoaster of sound that’s impossible to predict. Midway, the track finds a moment of clarity, easing into clean vocals that give you a brief respite before diving back into the chaos, ending on a melodic note that leaves you craving more.

DEMERSAL’s knack for weaving together chaotic hardcore punches with atmospheric post-rock elements shines through, making ‘Androide Identiteter’ a testament to their versatility and depth.

Demersal art
Art by Sebastian Greis Andersen

The band’s journey from their debut EP ‘To Mend A Yellow Wound’ to their upcoming self-titled album shows a growth that’s not just about louder guitars or more screams, but about exploring the complex landscapes of emotion and frustration.

Demersal by Josefine R. Fuglsang Christensen

Having shared stages with hardcore titans like PORTRAYAL OF GUILT and HEXIS, Demersal are storytellers, emotion-wranglers, sound-smiths who’ve been honing their craft, evident in their extensive touring and releases since ‘To Mend A Yellow Wound.

Their sophomore album, ‘demersal’, is set to drop on May 10th, 2024 through Tomb Tree, Fireflies Fall, PASIDARYK PATS records, Vinyltroll Records, Nothing to Harvest Records, Dingleberry records and distribution and Ripcord Records.

Catch the band live at a number of exciting shows in Europe:

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