POWER OF FEAR by Samantha Sansone
POWER OF FEAR by Samantha Sansone
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Heavy hardcore band POWER OF FEAR share new single “Walk The Walk”, announce debut album on DAZE

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Power of Fear, a new Pittsburgh-based band, are set to make their debut with A Breed Apart, an album showcasing their aggressive and polished sound. Their first single, “Walk The Walk,” features chuggy guitars complemented by chiming cymbals and guest vocals from Austin Sparkman of Buried Dreams. The song is a brazen beatdown track criticizing those who speak boldly but do not follow through with action. “Walk The Walk” can be streamed on Bandcamp, Spotify, and other platforms.

A Breed Apart consists of nine songs focusing on negative human interactions and is characterized by a fervent and enraged sound with relatable lyrics and distinguishable mosh parts. Power of Fear drew inspiration from a variety of music genres, including funk and jazz, as well as bands like Hatebreed and Cold As Life to create the riffs on the album.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Shane Mayer at Cerebral Audio, A Breed Apart will be available for pre-order later this month.

Power of Fear is Barker (vocals), Harrison (drums), Brendon (bass), and Pat (guitar).

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