Emo screamo act LYPURÁ discusses metaphorical new single “Clarity”

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Clarity” is the second release from LYPURÁ‘s upcoming album “ć”, following their two previous releases “á” and IDIOTEQ featured “b́”. The album promises more versatile and multi-layered compositions, showcasing the band’s growth and evolution since their formation in 2015. LYPURÁ is a band among friends, with all three members using their voices and instruments on equal terms, resulting in a unique, emotional and dynamic sound.

With “ć”, LYPURÁ continues to delve into personal moments, thoughts, and emotions that are still relevant on a broader social level. The album explores topics such as one’s place in society, aging, the taboo of talking about personal feelings, and navigating relationships.

The album closer and longest track to date, “Clarity” is a two-sided metaphor about being your own anchor and simultaneously being the water pulling you away. The track pays homage to On the Might of Princes while showcasing the band’s biting guitars, hyper-catchy melodies, and detailed production flourishes.

For fans of The Saddest Landscape, Funeral Diner, and Algernon Cadwallader, LYPURA’s “ć” is a highly anticipated album set to make a mark in European screamo this year.

According to the band, “Clarity” was a challenging song to create as it required a lot of refinement and contemplation to reach its final form. The first part of the song was the initial concept, but the rest of the song was developed over time in their rehearsal space, with the band members relying on their instincts to guide them. They admitted that they were uncertain about the direction the song would take initially, but through trial and error, they eventually arrived at the finished product.

LYPURÁ's upcoming album

“As with most of our songs, we prefer to write the music first and then put on vocals and lyrics later on in the process. Sometimes this means that we have to alter some parts to make everything fit – but over the years we found out that this is a good approach to song-writing, at least for us.” – comments the band.

“The vocals on the song are especially complex because everyone has quite a lot of different parts and the styles of singing vary, so it took us a long time to get this to its final form. Maybe this is also because we change leads quite a lot during the song.”


Deciphering the exact meaning behind the lyrics ofClarity” can be challenging, but that ambiguity is part of what makes the song intriguing. Rather than being straightforward, the lyrics invite listeners to interpret their own meanings, like a kind of exercise.

However, one of the primary themes of the song revolves around questioning whether one is making the right choices at the right times in their life and grappling with whether to hold on or let go. As such, decision-making is a significant focus of the lyrics, especially in regard to actions that could have long-term implications for the individual.

“The lyrics also have many hints towards other songs and bands we like and which influenced us. But giving that away in detail is probably a bit boring, since people are usually pretty good at finding out themselves.” – admits LYPURÁ.

As with many bands that have been together for a while, life has caught up with LYPURÁ. The last couple of years have been particularly challenging with the added difficulty of COVID-19. Members of the band have started families and have various other obligations, making it more difficult to find time to be in the same place at the same time.


However, this is something that many bands face as they get older, and LYPURÁ is not one to complain about it. Despite these challenges, they are excited to release their album in May. They had completed the album just before the pandemic hit, and there was a real possibility that the album would never see the light of day. They found it hard to move on from this and pretend like nothing had happened, but they are grateful that their album will finally be out for their fans to enjoy.

The band has exciting news for their fans, as they announce upcoming shows in Frankfurt and Mannheim, Germany. They will be performing alongside their friends from Azzacov on May 5th and 6th respectively.

The Mannheim show, in particular, will be part of the Désordre-Fest, which features an impressive lineup of German emo, post-hardcore, and screamo bands.
Although the band cannot disclose any further details about their upcoming shows for the end of summer and fall, we can expect more exciting performances from them in the near future. Stay tuned!

“ć” by LYPURÁ is out in late May 2023 via Through Love Records.

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