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Heavy hardcore hitters SIX STEPS FORWARD share new video for “The Man Of Substance”

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Cracow hardcore mobsters SIX STEPS FORWARD are back with their new video “The Man Of Substance”, just revealed in support of their EP “Bomb The World”, reviewed HERE, and available for streaming in full! Directed and edited by their close friend Krzysztof Pawełek of YEAHBUNNY Productions, the video follows the band’s recent lyric video for their cover of SCHIZMA track “Survival Of The Worst”, and can be watched above. It documents the band’s recent EP release show at Warsztat in Cracow.

Speaking about the video and the final effect achieved by Krzysiek, the band admits that “this guy see things in a specific way.” “Despite the difficulty of the task (surviving close to the stage, through entire live show) he captured the perfect moments with excellence.”

“Also, this was his first step in HC genere. For the record, Krzysiek specializes in hip hop videos and we got mesmerized once we took a glance at the video, he did for our friend and a decent rapper -Manio KDZ.”

“Regarding the shots… It was our long-awaited Bomb The World release party in Kraków (18.09) that took place in Warsztat venue.” – says the band.

“We wanted to use one moving camera + 3 go pro cameras to shoot entire show in order to pick best moments. The idea was stupid, we supposed to play man of substance twice for the sake of the numerous shots but, in the end, it was not enough. 30 min before the show we realized it will not work. Some smart ass joked “There is a railway platform near-by. If you are running out of ideas, this might be your last resort”.”

Six Steps Forward by Kamil Chlebek
Six Steps Forward by Kamil Chlebek

“That was it. We rushed to the railway platform to get some “fillers”. It was the best possible decision we could take at the moment. During the edition, Krzysiek called us and said, all go pro shots deserves to be flushed down in the toilet due to fucked quality.”

Man of Substance was our last track we recorded at SoundStone studio. The lyrics are about distancing ourselves from being measured by modern society (including the scene environment). Whenever you realize that your effort isnt the part of this measure, only the final effect counts.”

“Based on this assumption, society decides if you (your actions, achievements, results) are worth anything. Everyone can feel it on a daily basis – work, hobby, relations etc. All eyes on you, and you cant fuck it up otherwise you will get criticised. We pick the alternative – middle finger to everyone who knows whats the best for you.”

Six Steps Forward

“The most important message of this track is to work hard on yourself. The results will come in time so dont let anybody to discourage you.”

Here are some more photos documenting the band’s record release party in Cracow. All courtesy of Kamil Chlebek:

Six Steps Forward

Six Steps Forward

Six Steps Forward

Six Steps Forward by Kamil Chlebek 4 min

Six Steps Forward

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