Heavy hardcore mob FORCED UNDER discuss debut EP, Maryland hardcore

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Harris (Drums), Dan (Guitar), and Compton (Vocals) have known each other for the better part of a decade and have all been in bands over the years such as Cant Win (Compton/Harris) and Social War (Dan). Some years after both projects disbanded, they all decided to form EMBRACE HATE, which was later changed to what you know now as FORCED UNDER. The Salisbury, Maryland based heavy / beatdown hardcore act dropped their debut 4-tracker last year and use this brutal platform to reflect how they feel about what is wrong with the world today, with a special focus on incompetent US local law enforcement and the corrupt justice system. They have a music video for a new song “War On Cops” coming out in the next few months, so we took this chance to recall their massive debut and get some insights from the band.

We met up with Joey (Bass) on tour when he played bass for our brothers in (SP)LIT. We all hit it off so well that when we separated with our former bassist, there was no doubt that we would ask Joey to be a part of Forced Under. We all have such an amazing dynamic and mesh so well together which makes writing and practicing fun. There is hardly ever a serious moment when we all get together.

Our “Break the Chains” EP means a lot to me on a personal level and every ounce of blood, sweat, and beer that was spilt while writing and recording BTC was well worth it. All of us put so much into the writing process but Dan and Harris are the brains who constantly write and practice songs and send them to Joey and I to do our respective parts.


Coward – This song is about the suicide of my Grandfather when I was 12. He was a very important part of my life and I never got any closure as to why he would do such a heinous thing that would impact his family forever.

Break the Chains – It is pretty self-explanatory… Fuck Donald Trump, fuck our flawed justice system, and fuck the incompetence of law enforcement. Pretty much just stand up for what’s right.

Pain – Pain is about the suffering I go through with mental illness and how it’s affected me with losing friends and family while being lost in life.

Turncoat – This song is about fair weather friends that turn their backs on you when times get tough or they just basically use you as a stepping stone for something they think is better.

Plans for 2020

The fucking take over! We have so many cool announcements to come within the year of 2020 and I couldn’t be more proud of how far my brothers and I have come from something that was just basically a garage band that only played a few local shows here and there. I can’t really let a lot of details as to the events to come within the year but I can shed some light on a few cool things to come. We are in the process of completing a few new songs that should be released sometime before summer. One of which, we will be recording a sick music video on May 2nd in Lancaster PA. As far as shows go, we have a few runs coming up in the spring with Dread and Weaponized in April and War Criminal in May. 2020 is going to be the year of Forced Under and we are going to be checking vibes and pounding beers for the foreseeable future.

FORCED UNDER band live

Maryland Hardcore

Maryland Hardcore is alive and well with bands like Deep Rest, End It, Butchers Dozen, Sukkawut, and Slumped Over Head Open. I’d say Hardcore is more alive in Baltimore with Free State Collective doing their thing and Mike Powell running some of the sickest shows out of the basement in his house in Westminster (Headquarters). As for where we are from (Salisbury/Lower Delaware) it’s more of a mixed Genre with the above mentioned SOHO, Conversations Under Map Lights, Forced Under, Band Named Band, Block War, and Existential Dread. It’s all over the place but they all make it work for the best.


Other bands worth our time

This is honestly my favorite part because I think it is so important to support your friends bands/art and bands that you love and influence you. With that being said, here are bands you need to wake the fuck up and stop sleeping on…. Abrupt (NJ), Dread (NJ), BLEED (NJ), No Mercy (PA), Grizzwald (PA), Deep Rest (MD), War Criminal (ME), Back to Life (PA), Weaponize (NJ), Raw Life (NJ), Bushido Code (PA), Ripped Away (PA), Gloves Off (PA), Chains of Misery (NY), Carried by Six (PA), Slumped Over, Head Open (MD), and Departed (NJ). I’m sorry if I forgot to mention anyone, you know I love y’all. – Compton


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