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Heavy metallic hardcore band CHAVER broadcast their shattering sound in a new crushing live session & studio documentary

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Due to the current Situation that forces bands to stay off stage CHAVER (featured on IDIOTEQ last year) decided to find another way of playing their new Material Live. With the help of INJUSTICE RECORDS they went to LALA Studios and recorded an intense Live Session for their audience to feel the energy at home. This is the start of a format which will keep on growing even if the situation changes soon (which we all hope).

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil the band’s Studio Documentary and a crushing live session, along with a short video interview about their motivations, the history behind their newest abum and the project itself.

Chaver is a heavy band based in Leipzig, Germany. Three words that describe the attitude fairly good are relentlessly, constantly and evolving. Starting out in 2016, the trio soon released their first 7“, deeply rooted in aggressive crust and fast hardcore. Numerous tours all over Europe brought Chaver to the point of releasing their first proper 12“ EP in early 2017, solidifying their sound to a mix of groove orientated hardcore punk, crust and metal.


Several euro tours and only half a year later, the band came through with a new demo in late 2017. With Jan behind the of HIDDENPLANET STUDIOS (The Ocean, Deathrite, ,…), dived into the fields of the metal influenced heavy hardcore. This was, when INJUSTICE RECORDS, a well established European label for metal and hardcore from all over the globe, became aware of what was an insiders’ tip before. Late 2017 brought Chaver’s first proper release with a strong partner in the back, the SWAMP EP. Through the labels push, the band had the chance to play bigger festivals and to gain a wider audience, what led to a big chunk of touring all over the continent in 2018.

In early 2019, with 3 years of incessant development and well over 100 shows on their back, Chaver finally released their highly acclaimed debut LP TRANSFERENCE. For the first time, the band had the chance to display their full potential with material ranging from heavy hardcore and impulsive d-beat over to rapid death metal, harsh sludge and eerie black metal. The band experimented with clean and atmospheric guitar soundscapes, spitting lyrics of frustration, war and hate. An extensive touring schedule expanded the band’s territory to uncommon and remote areas and brought them not only to central European clubs and festivals, but also to the Scandinavian countries or the Balkan. With ambitions to release a concept record, Chaver started writing for a new 12“ in late 2019. The aim was to melodize a model that describes five stages of grieving when a person gets confronted with the lurking death. The psychiatrist Kuebler-Ross delivered the idea and Chaver was willing to break new grounds. On the A side, the bands attempt was writing five even heavier and more uncompromising metallic hardcore songs. For side B the band came through with the idea of testing around with electronics, industrial effects, clean voices and alienated instruments to display the act of the absolute suffering. January 2020 led the band to Berlins HIDDEN PLANET STUDIO once again, where the A side was recorded. In February 2020 the band teamed up with Magnus Wichmann, a successful German producer, knowing for his work within the commercial side of the industry. The outcome of the collaboration is a beast of a track, the B side of Chaver‘s new record. A CELLAR DOOR came out in May 2020. The band was supposed to go on a proper euro release tour, play festivals during summer and go on their first tour on the grounds of the British island. With the worldwide pandemic coming in between, Chaver was forced to give up on their plans but was not ready to wait out the situation without proving what the band is now capable of.

In summer 2020 the band recorded a live session with Magnus Wichmann, performing new material with additional instrumenting. In an additional interview section the band reflects on the process of creating A CELLAR DOOR with comments of the producer.

Live or in the studio, either way, Chaver will constantly go on evolving their sound and performance to converge the point of ultimate artistic agony.

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