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HESPERIAN – “Rejected” video

A new track and video from the band’s “Unruly / Rejected” record is up now for streaming. Get it via White Russian Records and drop ’em a line via [email protected]

Lyrics :

Everyday her downward spiral got closer to tragedy.
Every night she closed her eyes shut hoping she would not survive.
Unnoticed, still breathing, hard working, still meaning nothing to you.
Wouldnt walk past any mirror without looking away.
Your compassion is inevident
Because you turned your back,while everything fell out of place.
Now all of a sudden you act like you care. But when her fear of life upturned you weren’t there.
You two-faced deceiver.
You wouldn’t believe her.
blackened by your selfish ignorance.
Twisted visions of beauty.
Your nothing more than a lie to yourself, and you fucking believe it.
Holding on (hold on)
For what it worth
Letting go (Let go)
A beautiful captivating sad girl’s song
Never to be accepted
“This is it, the end of the line. No reason left to be here.
I always hoped to love the world that I fear, but I’ll be at peace”


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