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Hindi ambient / post rock act aswekeepsearching reveal beautiful, rewarding new album “Sleep”

Last year, Pune, India’s aswekeepsearching released their third LP Rooh to great reviews and on April 17th they are releasing its companion album, entitled Sleep. Sleep is a more delicate, quiet, reflective record, like the calm nighttime to Rooh’s vibrant daylight. Today, we’re pleased to give you the first listen of their new, dreamlike song & music video “How Am I Supposed To Know”, finding the band at their most poetic.

The word unique is often overused but rarely is it as true as Indian post-rock band aswekeepsearching. Even in a saturated genre space such as this there are still no other bands quite like the cathartic fourpiece. The band was formed in 2014 in Ahmedabad, India. They’ve released two full-lengths and are about to drop their third album titled, Rooh. Perhaps unsurprisingly, aswekeepsearching have already performed at every major festival in India and abroad, including NH7 Weekender, VH1 Supersonic, dunk! Festival (Belgium) and Pelagic Fest (Germany).

How am i supposed to know: I can’t stop wondering that how am i supposed to know the reason behind the ‘blurry sun’?


Mental health and wellness is a serious concern, and almost everyone isn’t well equipped to tackle it. Most of the times, we regress inwards, and are afraid to express. If you have anything to share or want to tell a story, do email us. Do know, we are here for you.


In October 2019 while we were touring to promote our album Rooh, we talked about making music that we could put us to sleep (in a good way!). In November, we began laying down initial ideas and in a month’s time we finished recording eight songs in our living room.

If you enjoyed our previous work and wondered what an Indian ambient album would sound like, sleep may answer some of those questions. This is us looking inward more than ever, for mental wellness and a safe space for our and our fans’ minds. Keeping minimalism and simplicity as the visual theme, we have collaborated with a bunch of highly skilled videographers and made music videos that thematically reflect each of the songs.

Recorded at a living room in Pune, India / Recorded by Uddipan Sarmah / Mixed and mastered by Adhiraj Singh at Refractor Studios, Pune / Cover & Song art & design by Tanaya Sharma

sleep cover art by Tanaya Sharma

Coronavirus situation & possible touring

We are glad we found this time to stop, look back and look ahead. We have been busy touring and writing music from the past 2 years. We are at a safe place now and using this time to reflect on ourselves and plan things better for the future. To create more than just music. At the same time, we don’t stop praying for this to stop and everyone to be happy and together.

We were working on Europe & China for end 2020. But guess now we will have to wait for things to get back to normal.

Indian post rock scene & other artists worth a check

We are still less in numbers. Venues are less, people in India don’t have a culture to gong for gigs often. Festivals have started gathering a great turnout over last 5 years. So yes, our industry is booming, we are late for sure, but it looks healthy for the future.

All members follow different styles of music. However, you must check out some of the great Indian acts like : Peter Cat Recording Co, Parvaaz, Ditty, Trance Effect, Polar Lights, to name a few.

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