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Holy Roar releases ‘Cast Into Your Own Night’, a nasty and bleak 2-track black metal EP from REND

REND is a studio project formed in the north of England, rooted within black and extreme metal. The memberare irrelevant.
When Holy Roar get the chance to do something totally different, alternate to the typical full-length release, the label jumps at the chance. In this instance that meant a lathe cut two track 12” corresponding to the digital release of black metal entity REND‘s ‘Cast Into Their Own Night’!

REND is the solo black metal project of one man. He may or may not already be affiliated with Holy Roar. His identity and the reasons for this release are immaterial. What is important, however, is how visceral these two songs are. If Wolves In The Throne Room, Wode and early Behemoth make your boat float then you will very much like this.

The title track is the uncompromising first act of dread, going for the jugular with blast-beats and whirlwind guitar work topped by a biting vocal delivery, before cascading into the somber introduction of ‘Once Filled With Bliss and Hope’. Fluctuating between hyper-aggressive black metal passages to moments of hypnotic dissonance, you are held in it’s cold grip until the very last second. Let REND drag you from azure skies to barren depths.

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