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HOODS interviewed by Brutality blog

Brutality blog recently conducted an interview with Sacramento’s HOODS. Check it out.

Tell us something about the European fans.
The German fans obviously need to smoke more weed. The Berlin crowd is boring, it always has been boring there actually, no idea why. But our last show in Germany was very good actually, it was in Aachen.
Belgium is the best fucking country ever. We will be moving here and live in Bernie’s garage!
Belgium is amazing, Poland is amazing, Austria is amazing, Denmark is amazing, Switserland is amazing. Every country around Germany is pretty amazing. It also depends from town to town.
Germany is kind of weird for hardcore. They are very political and take it too extreme. At some point they are not having fun anymore. They are doing music for political reasons instead of doing music to forget about political reasons. It’s a fine line in this. The music and the message is great about their music, but the thin line in this… The Germans are getting there, it’s going better and better but they need some more time.

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