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Hot Shit Attitude: The OUTBURST Covers Records coming up! POWER TRIP’s version of “When Things Go Wrong” available!

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Texas crossover thrashers POWER TRIP  have premiered their version of “When Things Go Wrong”, a song from NYC hardcore veterans OUTBURST, originally released on their 1989 EP Miles To Go. The track comes from Hot Shit Attitude: The Outburst Covers Record, a new crowdfunded tribute album on Blackout! Records featuring new covers from Fury, Krimewatch, and Higher Power.

Track listing:

01 “When Things Go Wrong” – Power Trip
02 “Misunderstood” – Higher Power
03 “SGI /Mission Impossible” – Wild Side
04 “Miles To Go” – Initiate
05 “No Choice” – Fury
06 “Think For Yourself” – Krimewatch
07 “Outburst (Intro)” – Wild Side
08 “Thin Ice” – Search
09 “The Hard Way” – Mizery
10 “Learn To Care” – Stand Off
11 “Controlled” – Big Boss
12 “True” – Outskirts

As teenage knuckleheads growing up in Astoria, Queens, the members of Outburst never imagined their brand of New York Hardcore would live beyond their live show and a few recordings. Still, here we are thirty years later and new generations of punk and metal bands from all over the world are still finding inspiration in their music, sense of humor, and (lack of) attitude.

To celebrate the upcoming vinyl re-issue of their pivotal 1989 release, Miles To Go, the band and their label (Blackout! Records) decided to have some fun and release a companion compilation comprised of great new bands covering Outburst songs. The compilation will be called Hot Shit Attitude, a phrase taken from the lyrics to their song “No Choice”, and includes covers from a wide array of bands such as Power Trip and Higher Power – both of whom were already covering Outburst in their live sets.

“Hot Shit Attitude: The Outburst Covers Record” will be available on DSP’s 1/27/2020.

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