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Hungarian bleak metallers JIGOKÜ premiere debut EP “HATESPEECH”

Hungarian metalcore/deathcore metallers JIGOKÜ have been teasing their new release with 3 music videos released since last year and it’s finally time to unveil the full result of their tracking process at Ghostship Recordings with HARMED guitarist Gábor Tóth. We caught up with them to give you the exclusive first listen of “HATESPEECH” and you can check it out below!

Our band is based on simplicity and power, that is why we only have 4 members – Geri (guitars), Gábor (bass), Dávid (Drums) and Ádám (Vocals) – to keep it as simple as possible! Since we had a vocalist change, we started to think over our technical boundaries and that’s why we didn’t have any kind of label involved to this day. When we hit the studio, we realized, there are plenty of options to make our music more interesting, that is why we are using effects and samplers on our record as a bonus instrument. And at this point, we have to thank our engineer/producer Gábor Tóth (Harmed/Ghostship Recordings)! During the vocal recording, he showed us, how much potential lies in samplers and made us agreed to not fear to use them as much as we like.

The general concept of our music is to give a channel to our frustration to understand it more trough our music and learn what can we do about them. We didn’t expect anything from our vocalist, we just gave him the songs and waited for the lyrics. Eventually, he didn’t make any concept, but when we finished the tracks, we realized, he subconsciously implemented our philosophy about this band – to make music about our everyday struggles and use the music as a form to live out our frustrations. That is why we ended up with the title HATESPEECH.

Our lyrics are basicly speeches about the things we hate in our lives, or barely can do anything against it: corrupted politicians, populistic advertising executives, lunatic mass murderers who are drifted far away from sanity by the people mentioned before and of course, mankinds biggest „enemy”, our mortality – or at least humanity’s concept of death. But we don’t want to make people to take our lyrics word by word – they are reflecting to a certan point of hopelessness where there are no effective ways left to do.

The public discourse of the last few decades doesn’t really allow for the flexibility of differing opinions. Rigidity, simplicity, stupidity and emptiness are the norm. People are frustrated and angry. There is no strength in these qualities, no matter what anyone might say.

Hungarian bleak metallers JIGOKÜ premiere debut EP “HATESPEECH”
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