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If You Eat a Rat, It Might Taste Good – chaotic hardcore pack DEAF CLUB unleashes new wild music video

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DEAF CLUB have just shared their newest music video for “If You Eat a Rat, It Might Taste Good”, coming from their new EP BAD SONGS FOREVER. Filmed by Mike Manasewitsch and Becky DiGiglio, and directed & edited by Dark Details, the wild visualizer can be seen above.

Deaf Club is a savage sound bath dripping with sardonicism: a blastbeat-centric hardcore punk assault channeling crust, thrash, and grind (un)sensibilities. Succinct pauses, surreal frequencies and effects, breakneck pace and sharply hurled vocals characterize the band’s aesthetic, which seems as though it is rooted in a sort of nasty-sound-meets-highbrow-message ethos.

Fueled by the onslaught of society’s insanity and driven mad by tinnitus, Justin Pearson (The Locust, Dead Cross, Planet B), Brian Amalfitano (ACxDC), Scott Osment (Weak Flesh), Jason Klein (Run With The Hunted), and Tommy Meehan (The Manx, Chum Out!) approach music as an opportunity to confront our collective sicknesses.

In 2020, the band released their debut EP, Contemporary Sickness, as well as a Remix cassette EP of bonus remixes featuring GothBoiClique’s YAWNS, Bubblegum Octopus, 304angstroms, and DJ Embryonic Petit Sac. They then released a cover and video of Killing Joke’s “The Wait” as a benefit, along with a slew of other music videos, including a long form performance of their debut LP in its entirety.

They continued with a collaboration with clothing brand Brain Dead to release ultra limited test pressings of their album Productive Disruption, and played a handful of shows in Southern California, including under a bridge in DTLA lit by the spotlight of a police helicopter hovering overhead. In January of 2022, their first full-length was released, and only a few months later on May 6th, their Bad Songs Forever EP followed.

Bad Songs Forever was recorded by Alex Astrada and Tommy Meehan. Mixed and mastered by Brent Asbury. Pressed on limited edition color vinyl, released by Three One G and Sweatband Records. You can order the record HERE.

DEAF CLUB by 📸 Becky DiGiglio Photography
DEAF CLUB by 📸 Becky DiGiglio Photography

Having just released their debut LP, Productive Disruption, in January of 2022, Deaf Club wasted no time in the relentless pursuit of perfecting sci fi crust punk from the future; the result is their newest EP, Bad Songs Forever. Made up of 3 original tracks as well as a Pixies cover of “Broken Face”— of which Pixies lead guitarist remarked, “Love it! Going to steal that Feedback Pedal Effect” upon hearing it— the band claws and spews its way into a heightened state of controlled chaos, taking time to more deliberately build, layer and pace each track in ways they previously hadn’t. As their shared style comes increasingly into laser-focus with each new song, Deaf Club continues to meld d-beat and thrash sensibilities with unhinged battery acid buzzes, disgruntled rhythms, and tongue in cheek lyrics spit cynical and sharp.

Catch the band live on July 1st in Pomona, CA @ dba256 Bar and Gallery.

“…high energy, future fucking, spastic grind… seared by neon gas on top of the sound of the tears of snowflake Republicans bawling about the forthcoming wheels of fascism not spinning fast enough for their liking.” —Decibel

“It’s like someone mixed Red Bull and Adderall and cocaine into your coffee… lawless, lethiferous hardcore.” —Metal Sucks

“…relentless, furious grindy hardcore.” —BrooklynVegan

“…[Deaf Club] mixes d-beat, grind and hardcore with atonal guitars and a general sense of anxiety. It’s gnarly, fits well with Pearson’s previous work, and is totally essential for all you Stans out there, and new fans, too.” —-Revolver Magazine

“Deaf Club have assembled a blistering all-star cast set to full scale decibel peak.” —Cvlt Nation

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