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Immerse yourself into the dark and ominous realm of sludgy, metallic hardcore with HEEL TURN’s “Glamorous Void”

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Alabama-based Heel Turn has released their debut LP, a sonic journey through a world of doom and gloom. The album features a unique blend of noisy, atmospheric riffs with a tinge of psychedelia and elements of darkened hardcore that is set to take the underground music scene by storm.

Heel Turn emerged onto the scene in early 2018 with their first EP, Territories, released through Cut Short Records (US) and Red Truth Records (Kazakhstan). The EP focused on fast metallic riffs that would come to a screeching halt with doom-like finishers, setting the tone for the band’s distinctive sound.

Following this, in March 2019, the band released a 3-song EP titled ‘Death Calls, Fear Ceases’ on The Ghost Is Clear Records, showcasing various sounds of harsh noise mixed with their metallic roots.

In June 2019, Heel Turn dropped a 4-song split 7 inch with Ekumen, also released on The Ghost Is Clear Records, further cementing their place in the underground music scene.

In February 2020, the band released ‘Tourist’, a 7-song power electronics record that brings a separate light to the band that one would normally only see live. This release offered an exciting glimpse into the band’s live shows and their musical evolution.

In March of 2020, Heel Turn re-released Territories on 12 inch through The Ghost is Clear Records, showcasing the band’s early sound and how they have evolved over time.

In June 2021, the band released a 3-way split tape with Virgin Mother and Infinity Land via The Ghost is Clear Records featuring the song ‘Hive Mind,’ which served as a powerful teaser for their upcoming LP.

In January 2022, Heel Turn released a 4-way split in the Meditations In Affinity series through Zegema Beach Records, alongside Malevich, Wanderer, and R. Josef, further showcasing the band’s versatility and unique sound.

Heel Turn has been consistently active, regularly touring the majority of the South, Midwest, and East Coast from 2018-2020, and now they are poised to reignite their touring efforts post-pandemic.

With their upcoming debut LP, Heel Turn promises to take listeners on an intense and emotional journey through their gloomy soundscapes.

The album will be pressed on 180 grams of heavyweight vinyl, with 100 copies on clear with purple splatter and 200 on pink opaque (red and white marbled), with pre-orders now available via The Ghost is Clear Records, Zegema Beach Records, and other select outlets.


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