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NESKA LAGUN’s “caos: calma” weaves together screamo and post-hardcore tether with the sensibilities of post-rock

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In June of 2023, we will be gifted with the release of the second full-length record from a band whose talent is matched only by their passion. This underground masterpiece, “caos:calma,” is the culmination of three years of intense emotion and reflection, woven together into nine songs that are at once ardent, poignant, and sophisticated. We’re stoked to give you NESKA LAGUN‘s “caos:calma”!

With the addition of Chris to the band, their sound has reached new heights, blending screamo and post-hardcore with the sensibilities of post-rock. And for the first time, half of the songs are infused with Spanish lyrics, adding a new dimension to their already powerful expression.

“This is the pinnacle of European post-hardcore, blending the raw intensity of 90s emo, the ambience of the 2000s screamo/post-rock infused hardcore scene, and the feinschmecker detailed production values of the post-hardcore records from the 2010s.” – commented Listen To Aylin Records.

The hypnotic drum patterns that walk hand in hand with the emotionally charged basslines and the heartwrenching guitar melodies, combined with the passionate and sincere lyrics and vocal deliveries.

NESKA LAGUN sets the bar and writes the blueprint for European emotive post-hardcore in the 2020s!”

This record will be released through a family of eight labels in seven countries, each contributing their own unique touch to this labor of love.

It will be pressed on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl, with limited edition copies available on clear vinyl with purple splatter or pink opaque vinyl with red and white marbling.

Neska Lagun
Neska Lagun

The recording and mixing were done by the talented team at Sunsetter Recording Studio, while Ultramarinos Costa Brava provided the mastering. The stunning artwork was created by Finn Martens Art & Illustration, with the layout crafted by Johann @ueber_okeh.

Preorders for “caos:calma” are available through various record labels in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Scotland, Norway, and Greece. Be prepared to be moved by the passion and depth of this incredible work of art. Listen below.

The labels releasing “caos:calma” are I.CORRUPT.RECORDS, Fireflies Fall, Carcosa Records, Non Ti Seguo Records, Fresh Outbreak Records, Ripcord Records, Listen To Aylin Records, and Nothing to Harvest Records.

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