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IMPLORE share fierce and adventurous new record ‘The Burden of Existence’

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The Burden of Existence, the newest fierce and adventurous record from German eclectic death metal band IMPLORE has landed online in its entirety. The impressive offering confidently guides us into the captivating world of modern extreme metal, by fusing a plethora of styles together and serving an ‘all thriller and no filler’ experience.

“This album was a hell of a trip”, comments the band.

“Like for many other bands the last two years were really hard to stay alive. The pandemic, the uncertainty and sitting on our butts for months on end without knowing when we could play a show again. For a band like us, shows are the only way of income to pay our band expenses and the only way we can get that dose of dopamine that reassures why we do this and who we are.”

“We got fired by our label, our bass player left the band and we were very close to breaking up at least two times. We pulled ourselves together and we burst again with a new album. The support of @churchroadrecords gave us an extra boost of confidence but the road to the album was bumpy and really hard. The writing process, the recording and 2022 itself were pretty good after such a shit show. We hope you enjoy this album, it’s definitely a milestone to us.”

“With all our passion and love for what we do, this album deserves its name.” – they conclude.

“As the whole ‘death metal plus hardcore but not deathcore’ genre goes, The Burden Of Existence sits in the very top drawer. It’s surely IMPLORE’s best work too, and certainly their best sounding and most ambitious. With bonus points for a sensible 36-minute runtime, this one’s an easy revisiter, which certainly helps as there will probably be at least a few of us talking about it come year end.” – Dostorted Sound.

“It’s going to end up on many best-of lists in a month-plus because few records balance darkness with sheer fun quite as well. Those of us that like heavy music are allowed to want to enjoy what we listen to and sometimes we have to mix it up from atmospheric European black metal with field recordings. Humans being pissed and taking it out on their instruments is always a winning formula when the talent is there. Fuck it, I implore you to give the latest Implore a chance.” – New Noise

“And again, IMPLORE still sound more militant, more righteously furious and more committed to destruction than most. “The Burden Of Existence” is a smart and inventive piece of work, but its primary purpose is to take people’s grinning faces off. We can have both.” – Blabbermouth

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