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IN SHORTS #39 📢 – Quick News Roundup, February 6th

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Philadelphia’s experimental, metallic hardcore band STARKWEATHER have joined forces with Portuguese progressive, death metal band, CONCEALMENT for an epic split release, available March 9, 2018, on Translation Loss Records. The two enigmatic behemoths have teamed up to showcase their trailblazing mastery and legendary sensory assault.

With a history dating back to 1989, STARKWEATHER are pioneers of dissonant, metallic hardcore. Their latest offering, “Divided By Zero”, takes you on an illustrious journey through an almost thirty minute, cinematic and dizzying composition. Exploding with soaring, maniacal vocals, black-thrash sludge, twisting and angular guitars, and drums sonorously crafted by an architect. Never following and always the leader, STARKWEATHER destroy heavy metal norms and deliver a masterful, eerie, mind-melting experience. Singer Rennie Resmini offers, “We approach recording as if it were analog. It’s how we always attack things. We tracked the song in one full take twice. There is no studio trickery, the song is able to be physically played front to back”. STARKWEATHER entered the studio with Alap Momin (Dalek) to perfect the construction of their already massive sound. Resmini speaks of the recording process, “When we record with Alap Momin he has a different approach than a lot of engineers we’ve been with. He keeps a lot of bass in the mix. I don’t think the mastering engineers we brought the song to could quite figure it out. Enter Nelson Canoa.” Nelson Conoa took the reins for mastering and Resmini explains, “He brought a completely different mindset to the table”.

CONCEALMENT is a Portuguese band from Sabugo, Sintra formed in the winter of 1995. The group consists of Filipe Correia on guitar and vocals, David Jeronimo on drums, and Paulo Silva on bass. They are known to incorporate and combine the dissonant, atonal elements from avant-garde, experimental metal in an abrupt nature. CONCEALMENT is a band also recognized for their mastery of extended range guitars and basses, polyrhythmic patterns, and complex time signatures. Correia describes, “”Liminality” actually continues the experimental streaks and streams of eerie-atonal motifs but with a more visceral and unearthly nature. This twenty-one minute malignant epic is based on a true event, the tragic case of Anneliese Michel, an example of a person with a misidentified mental disorder, treated with negligence, abuse and religious hysteria.”

Like their previous work, “Liminality”, was recorded and mixed by David (Jeronimo) at Malware Studios. Filipe Correia had this to say about the recording, “David’s work is great and we won’t change a winning team. We also give enormous credit to the mastering done by Nelson Canoa at Canoas Studios. He was definitely able to push up the overall sound.”

“Punk Rock is Your Friend”, the 2014 compilation from Kung Fu Records feat. THE VANDALS, THE ATARIS, TSUNAMI BOMB, USELESS ID, and more, has been posted online by the label. Check it out below and GO HERE if you’re a US resident – there’s a special contest you can participate in.

Pitchfork has released a new short doc movie on FUGAZI called Fugazi’s In On The Kill Taker (in 5 Minutes). “No band pushed back harder against the commodification of the underground as Fugazi. With the release of their third LP, In On the Kill Taker, the poster children for DIY punk ethics found themselves caught up in of one of the most turbulent times in the subculture’s history.”

Swedish ambient post hardcore act TENGIL are streaming a new uplifting track called ‘It’s All For Springtime’, an excellent new jam that broadens the band’s horizons without losing what made them so promising in the first place. GO HERE to see more details.

The band commented:

We are very happy that our way of existential struggle has taken us this far. Tengil as a project is a spiritual task, an impulsion to through music tell the story of moments passing you by, the longing to live and die at the same time, to always be among and in flames.

We are very happy to announce that we will release our new album with our new friends at Prophecy Productions.

Influential ORCHID member and prolific producer Will Killingsworth has remastered the 1994 7” EP from BOUND! You can check out one of the 4 tracks below.

BOUND were a gritty, thrashy, metallized hardcore pack from Leominster, Massachusetts. Their sole 7” EP was released in 1994 by Stolnacke Records.

Emotive hardcore / screamo act FUERZAS LIBRES DEL INTERIOR are streaming their new collection of tracks released in 2016 and 2017 via Pifia Records. The recycling of the organic post hardcore sounds from the 90s has become quite a trend over the past years, but when those sounds are so honestly and successfully appropriated in new ways, like they are by Valladolid’s FUERZAS LIBRES DEL INTERIOR, the result proves to be very worthwhile.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic’s hardcore punks LA ARMADA are streaming their new single “Fire”, off their new record Anti-Colonial Vol. 1, to be released soon via Epidemic Records and Creep Records. Listen below and GO HERE to see the details of their upocming North American tour with IRONC HIC and PROPAGANDHI!

Formed in the Dominican Republic in 2001 and based out of Chicago since 2008, La Armada has carved out a name for themselves locally and nationally with their explosive live show and two US releases.

Their music showcases their skill and their identity. With their latest full length, 2018’s “Anti-Colonial Vol. 1”, La Armada has crafted a unique style of crossover—a blend of punk, hardcore, metal and rhythms native to their island. The songs come with a message, an invitation to stand up against the oppression and corruption found in their native and adoptive countries. With the new album and an appetite for shows, La Armada will be bringing Latino hardcore fury to stages everywhere.

Midwest metallized hardcore pack PURGATORY have teamed up with Mike Score of ALL OUT WAR for a new track called “No Bastard’s Slave”, coming from the band’s new record “Cold Side Of Reality”, to be released on June 1st via Unbeaten Records.

Boston punk label Painkiller Records is streaming a new re-release of 2007 EP from WASTE MANAGEMENT called ‘Get Your Mind Right’. The record brings a solid dose of fierce, raging, 80ss inspired hardcore that will melt in your ears like ice cream.

German thrashy crossover hardcore punks BRONSON A.D. (Bastardized Recordings) are streaming their new album “Warpath“!

After two ep’s and some compilations, it’s time for BRONSON A.D., to put their aggressive mix of thrashmetal and hardcore on a full-length album. Their sound, mainly influenced by 90’s thrashmetal and NYHC, keeps headbangers as well as mosh-kids moving the pit. They produced and recorded their album WARPATH in the DESERT INN STUDIO, where bands like MILKING THE GOATMACHINE and LAY DOWN ROTTEN also produce their records. WARPATH isn’t only the name of the record, it’s the concept. BRONSON A.D. are pointing out everything what makes their blood boil. Nazis, enforcement of the society, abuse and the public guilt on the misery of others, are just a few topics for them to go on the warpath. The artwork was done by ROUGH SHOT PRODUCTIONS, who have already worked with bands like HESSAJA, BLOODSPOT, PLAQUEBOURNE and others. Ten tracks, you have to get in February 2018, when WARPATH will be released. For fans of MERAUDER, CRO-MAGS, RYKER’S, NAILBOMB

Blacktooth Music label has announced the signing of IDIOTEQ-featured hardcore band MY OWN PRISON. Recorded and mixed at DIY Studio (Cagliari, Italy), mastered in New Jersey (US) by James Plotkin (Amenra, Earth, Isis), the band’s new reord ‘Comatose’ will be out just in time for the band’s 10th Anniversary later this year.

Fast and to the point, MOP’s fourth album “Comatose” celebrate their 10-years of tireless activity.
An harrowing and heavy punk hardcore record, made of the harshest riffs, loudest drums and timeless themes.

GO HERE to see our 2015 interview, touching on many different aspects of the record.

Established in 2008 in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy). Alongside several EPs MOP have released “Finisterre” (2013) and “Sleepers” (2014) and played them in Italy and Europe opening for bands such as Dead Kennedys, Madball, Walls Of Jericho, Cancer Bats, Iron Reagan, Buzzcocks.

NJ metallized hardcore pack THE BANNER are working on a new album, their first since their 2014 offering Greying.


Post udostępniony przez @ thebanner

Kurt Ballou of CONVERGE was interviewed by CVLT Nation magazine. GO HERE and read up.

The latest and possibly final EP from Manchester Punks GLUE EAR has laned online via Horn & Hoof Records. Curl One Out is a collection of song that were never released anywhere else, except MySpace (when it was cool) and two tracks are on the Punk s Duck compilation.

Screamo bands CITY OF CATERPILLAR and their post rock tinged Japanese kindred souls HEAVEN IN HERARMS are teaming up for a brief Japanese toour this Spring. GO HERE to see the details. The band will be supporting Japanese screamo / post rock legends ENVY on their April 1st coming back show with a new line-up including HEAVEN IN HER ARMS’ Hiroki Watanabe,9mm Parabellum Bullet’s Yoshimitsu Taki and KILLIE’s y0shi!

HEAVEN IN HER ARMS released their latest record White Halo in April 2017.

Warsaw heavy hardcore pack THE LOWEST have shared their new record ‘Doomed’ via Bandcamp and other streaming platforms.

React! Records has unleashed a new jam from The Low End Fury, the newest record from hardcore band SOUL POWER!

Remember when bands put equal weight in skank parts as they did socially-conscious, positive lyrics? Soul Power is your reminder.

French noise rock / hardcore band DEATH ENGINE have debuted their music video for “Modern Life”, directed by Yann-Maël Le Roy. The track appears on the band’s second full-length “Place Noire”, to be released April 13th via Throatruiner Records and Apocaplexy Records on vinyl and CD. “Place Noire” was recorded live then mixed in Laval by Amaury Sauvé (Birds In Row, Plebeian Grandstand, Necrodancer) and mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén (Breach, Terra Tenebrosa, Crippled Black Phoenix).

Barcelona-based vintage thrash battalion CRISIX will release the Against The Odds full-length via Listenable Records this Spring. Sporting a symbolic title that represents the band’s hard work, dedication, and friendship, CRISIX’ fourth full-length studio output was self-produced at Axtudios in Spain and mastered by Jens Bogren (Arch Enemy, At The Gates, Bloodbath, Kreator et al) at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. Straight from the raging kick off of “Get Out Of Head,” the nine-track Against The Odds commands its listener’s attention with a devastating formula of power thrash with an often hardcore edge proving CRISIX’ importance in today’s new generation of thrash.

Thematically, the record draws from a wide range of subject matter including Ridley Scott’s Aliens in “Xenomorph Blood,” novelist George R. R. Martin’s fantasy worlds in “The North Remembers,” and Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball character in “Prince Of Saiyans.” lis

Heavy metal legends JUDAS PRIEST have premiered the title track of their new album “Firepower“. slated for a March 9th release date through Columbia Records.

Dead Broke Rekerds is absolutely stoked to announce definitive reissues by Berkeley, California-based punk band, FIFTEEN. From the ashes of east bay legends, Crimpshrine, came Fifteen. These records changed our lives (here at Dead Broke) and the socially conscious lyrics touched & taught us in ways music would seldom again throughout the years.

Fifteen formed in 1988 during the tail end of a Crimpshrine tour. After Crimpshrine broke up, Fifteen started playing shows. Fifteen embarked on their first tour in the summer of 1989, and recorded their debut s/t EP in April 1990 for Lookout! Records. Fifteen went on their first US tour in the summer of 1990, playing shows with Filth & Fugazi. They released their first album (“Swain’s First Bike Ride”) in 1991 on Lookout!.

In summer of 1992, the band toured the US & Canada, and recorded their second album, “The Choice of A New Generation”. Originally released on CD/LP in 1992 on Lookout! Records. The band saw a line-up change with this album, featuring Lucky Dog (RIP) on bass guitar.

We’ve maticulously kept these reissues as true to the original releases as we possibly could, while the songs have taken on a new life with a 2017 remastering. Gloriously restored & remastered from the original reel-to-reel master tapes by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering. Astounding artwork restoration by Hugo Fitzgerald, face-lifted from the original hand-made art. *Featuring cover art in full color for the very first time! Replicating exact original collage art, made by Lucky Dog.*

Metallic-hardcore duo PROBLEM OF PAIN has partnered with No Echo for the premiere of their newest single, “I Carry The Weight On My Wings,” The track is taken from the band’s upcoming EP, I Will Always Want To Let Go, which is due out next Friday, February 9, via Blood & Ink Records. (Pre-orders are on sale now.)

“’I Carry The Weight On My Wings’ is about the struggle that it takes to overcome your personal impediments, and the emotional toll it takes as you learn from your own persistent failure,” explains drummer/co-vocalist Jake Beaver. “Sometimes being fully aware of your shortcomings yet unable to construct a way to fix them is a weight of degradation; especially if that shortcoming is a severe one. It can project negative self worth and a false inability to get better. I think everyone deals with at least one thing in their life that they just wish was never a part of them. It’s just a matter of how hard they will try and rise above it, even through many failed attempts.”

LIGHT THE TORCH (ex DEVIL YOU KNOW, feat. ex KILLSWITCH ENGAGE singer Howard Jones and former members of ALL SHALL PERISH and BLEEDING THROUGH) will release a new album Revival on March 30th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The band just released a new song and video called “Dia Alone”.

Order Of Torment, the punishing second album by Washington, DC-based GENOCIDE PACT, is out now, the band’s first album for Relapse Records. The record lands as the band joins Mammoth Grinder for two area shows this weekend.

GENOCIDE PACT’s Order Of Torment was recorded by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations in Baltimore (Full Of Hell, Code Orange, Magrudergrind), and features cover art from the legendary Joe Petagno (Motörhead, Pink Floyd, Autopsy, Marduk). With eight tracks of pulverizing, relentless death metal that harkens to the greats while pushing the genre to chaotic new realms of possibility, the album’s titanic crunch showcases GENOCIDE PACT as the death metal band to watch in 2018.

Italian power punk rockers SECOND YOUTH are sgtreaming their new song and video called ‘Friday Night’, coming from their new LP, to be released in March 2018 via Demons Run Amok.

This band is about that period of your life when nothing else matters other than the music coming out of your stereo speakers. Veterans to life on the road, you will probably catch Second Youth playing their own style of the melodic, catchy and sing-a-long punk rock that rocked the 90’s.
The first EP, “Glass Roof”, was released worldwide digitally through Uncle M records and on vinyl through Anchors Aweigh Records. Since then the band shared the stage with some amazing bands (such as Flatliners, Such Gold, Slander and more).

Berlin experimentalists GLOOMY STARS (interviewed for IDIOTEQ in 2016) just released our second album “Sadcore Trash – The Ground Floor Tapes”. On March 29th, they will play live at Cortina Bob, Berlin-Kreuzberg, so be sure to catch them there if you’re near.

French (post) punk act, NOT SCIENTISTS, have released a music video for their song “Perfect World” off their upcoming album ‘Golden Staples’ and have announced coinciding tour dates.

“I think people who are contented only by reaching perfection, or their own definition of perfection, are doomed to live a life of frustration and un-satisfaction. Nothing is ever good enough because in many cases perfection just isn’t obtainable or doesn’t exist. I believe in doing your best to achieve your goals, but sometimes the little accidents and imperfections are the things that can lead to greatness. Punk rock is a great example of that.” (By Ed)

Belgian IDIOTEQ-featured cinematic post rockers WE STOOD LIKE KINGS a nice live video showing them on stage in combination with a movie. Check it out below and GO HERE to see where to catch them live.

Melodic metalcore / post hardcore act IN HEARTS WAKE have dropped their brand new EP ‘Ark Prevails’ today via UNFD. Last year they hid 02.02.18 within the Ark CD booklet and it could only be revealed by using the cypher (only a few figured it out!) Enjoy these re-imagined acoustic versions of “Frequency”, “Waterborne” and “Arrow”, which features guest vocals from Dream State frontwoman CJ Gilpin, as well as a previously unreleased instrumental track. Band will be in Europe in March, make sure you catch them!

Technical brutal death metal act LECHEROUS NOCTURNEare streaming Quantum Mysticism, a new track off their new record Occultaclysmic! The long waited return of Lecherous Nocturne is dawning. Occultaclysmic is darker, more chaotic, and much more brutal, drawing more influence from blackened and atmospheric masterpieces than previous releases. The structured evolution of musicianship is at an all time high, resulting in a torturous opus that will leave death metal fans craving more.

German post-crust experimental veterans [B.ABUSE] return with their fifth full-length release; ‘Memories Of Better Days Are Gone‘. Right from the opening track there is something unusual about this band, immediately blending rolling post-rock atmosphere with a cross between Neurosis’ hoarse bellow and clean, Cure-like vocal inflections and punching, punk-touched drums. They seek to push the listener with tracks walking the mid-tempo tension line, building from the simplest foundations (in the case of the opener just two chords), and advancing in movements to a point of critical mass, sometimes a brief blastbeat, often a crescendo of noise.

This is a band that manage to summon sounds such as classic Godflesh, Voivod, The Jesus Lizard, Discharge etc and fuse it into dream-like chryssalis of noise. The refusal to disappear into self-congratulatory pretension is something that sets [B.ABUSE] aside from their contemporaries and certainly makes this album worth checking out. The band’s ability to move between math type hardcore chord stabbing, tidal synth atmosphere and traditional metal riffing is consummate and profound.

London based thrashy hardcore pack ARMS RACE are back with a new thrilling EP The Beast, an in-your-face rco-release between Painkiller Records and La Vida Es Un Mus Discos.

A PERFECT CIRCLE have detailed their long-awaited new record Eat the Elephant, to be released on April 20. In addition to the new record, the band has also dropped another single from the disc, “TalkTalk”, available below.

Keenan commented:

“Although I’m extremely excited to finally be completing this album after a 14-year hiatus. I’m actually more excited that its intentional release date is serving a greater purpose. The 20th of April is Carina Round’s birthday. She is a dear friend who is extremely difficult to shop for. Pressure off. Of course, I must also note that the potheads are gonna be thrilled that this album comes out on 4-20. May it serve as a glorious soundtrack to accompany all of the giggling and vexing sounds of nibbling and snacking. Fingers crossed, Cheech & Chong will be proud.”

London’s rock band MANTRA (Dine Alone Records) unveil new single Individual today. Produced by Tom Dalgety (Pixies, Royal Blood, Ghost), the track showcases emotive lyrics combined with haunting melodies, crisp, distorted guitars and thundering drums.

‘Slick, surprising and sometimes furious” ROCK SOUND

“Mantra are here to tell you about the self-centred nature of people and all that’s wrong with the world” KERRANG!

‘Frenzied riffs and scathing social commentaries collide’ METAL HAMMER

West London rock band Måntra would rather stand up and deliver music with a message for the left-behinds and the disenfranchised. “It started at university”, explains frontman/guitarist and the band’s principal songwriter Simon Stark. “I felt so removed from everything socially and emotionally. I just didn’t want to be there, it was numbing for me. Music was the only thing that actually meant something”.

Shoegazin’ dream rockers SLOWDIVE have shared their live session for KEXP radio, recorded October 25, 2017.

California emo four-piece ANDY’S ROOM have just released a music video for their new single, “Parchment”.

Andy’s Room are an emo indie-rock outfit that effortlessly blend emotionally charged lyricism with heavily layered guitars and urgent percussions. Since their inception, the four-piece have released a debut EP, Yours Forever, tackling the themes of loss, heartbreak, and regret. A follow-up single to their 2017 debut, “Parchment” is the next evolution of their experimental musical style. Still harkening back to their thematic roots of relationships and the accompanying growth throughout, the new track captures the hardships of maintaining a long-distance relationship. The band’s relatable, heart-wrenching lyrics, interwoven with ambient, rich instrumentalism, create an atmospheric journey of introspection.

Influential metallers KILLSWITCH ENGAGE have started tracking for their new record and they have about 20 new songs to choose from. Check out the interview below and expect a new record later this year!

Czech death metallers GODLESS TRUTH have reformed and dropped a new single Fortune Time, coming from the band’s new, yet to be detailed record, a follow up to their 2004 debutArrogance of Supreme Power and 2010 EP Too Late to Stop My Hate.

Hardcore punk videgraoher Cameron Nunez has posted more sick live videos from this year’s FYA FEST, including JESUS PIECE, BRACEWAR< FORCED ORDER, IRON AGE, FREEDOM, and more. GO HERE to check it out.

Kichijōji hardcore pack MILES AWAY have shared a new music video for their song ‘Slow Life’.

Deathgrind act MISERY INDEX has premiered a lyric video for their new single, “I Disavow”, to be released on a 7-inch record via Vitriol Records.

Alt hardcore punk act THE BRONX have premiered a new music video for their song “Night Drop At The Glue Factory“, coming from their recent record “V”.

WE WERE SHARKS is proving once again that pop-punk is not dead with the colorful premiere of their new music video “Hotel Beds.” Just weeks away from the release of their upcoming album Lost Touch, these tenacious Canadians hit the road starting February 2, marking their third tour since signing to Victory Records. Lost Touch will be available everywhere on February 23, 2018. The six-piece recently shook things up with release of the video “Ashley,” a gushy love song about the bad girl that is always on your mind. “Hotel Beds” is the antithesis, as vocalist Randy Frobel explains, “This is more like an anti-love song about that one person who has you wrapped around their finger, as the lyric goes.” Guitarist Colin Jacques concurs, “This song has an anxiousness to it. It’s about that one person who truly has a hold on you. Every song you hear seems to be about them. Every notification on your phone could be them. Every bit of you is drawn to that person, and you just can’t shake them out of your head.”

Montreal-based progressive death metal legends AUGURY recently announced their forthcoming 3rd full-length, Illusive Golden Age. Set for release on March 30th through The Artisan Era. Illusive Golden Age is certain to be one of 2018’s most memorable death metal records, and a strong return to form from one of the modern eras most influential progressive death metal acts. The band partnered with Decibel Magazine to launch the albums first single, “Mater Dolorosa”. The song’s many twists and turns between furious technical death metal and powerful progressive death metal passages is a joy to behold. Pre-orders for Illusive Golden Age are now live and the links for that are listed below.

Sardinia’s stoner/sludge tinged power metal act THE BLACKTONES are streamning their new record ”The Day We Shut Down The Sun”, out now via Sliptrick Records. The new offering shows a great advancement in the band’s approach to making loud, yet groovy and ear-catching music. These guys are sure to keep the charge going. Well done.

“The Blacktones have consciously changed things up from their previous album, and as such, the new album The Day We Shut Down The Sun contains more aggressive songs with strong guitar arrangements imbued with accessible complexity. Vocals choruses are temporarily abandoned to allow screams and growls to enforce the groovy riffs while enforcing the melodic moments.

The songs themselves have different themes (stories like Nowhere Man and the title track, or personal reflections such as I.D.I.O.T.S) but are placed on the albums track list as an imaginary path to “the end of existence”. Like a countdown, the experimental intros between songs are named like tarot cards. Each one represents the loss of a human feature, until the last card, The Fool, which represents the void.”

Philadelphia’s HURRY are now streaming their new single “Jamie” via GoldFlakePaint. The band’s new record Every Little Thought is set to be released on February 23rd via Lame-O Records. GoldFlakePaint call the record “one of the most vital releases of the year thus far.” Pre-orders for Every Little Thought are available now physically and digitally via Lame-O Records.


What was once a solo project for principal songwriter Matt Scottoline has evolved into Hurry, a power pop trio from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania composed of Scottoline, Rob DeCarolis (Univox), and Joe DeCarolis (Psychic Teens). The DeCarolises are cousins and they are both very talented. “As talented as Matt Scottoline?” Of course. Please don’t attempt to pry the band apart with potentially hurtful questions.

Hurry’s new album, Every Little Thought, will be released on February 23, 2018 on Lame-O Records. The album, written by Scottoline, is a light and dreamy plunge into life’s crushingly relentless uncertainty and doubt. The album is more pop-driven than Hurry’s previous efforts, focusing on catchy melodies, hooks, and harmonies influenced by Teenage Fanclub, Robyn Hitchcock, Yo La Tengo, and Guided By Voices. Of the new album, Scottoline — a natural salesman — says, “I tried even harder this time to make it good.”

Brighton indie punks, HARKER are pleased to be streaming their debut album ‘No Discordance’ in full this week. Click here to check it out. Dubbed “the first great punk release of 2018” by Already Heard, their album will be available for purchase this coming Friday (09/02/18) and can also be pre-ordered from their web store here. Available digitally, as well as on a range of physical formats on CD, cassette tape and a limited run of vinyl (175 red / 125 blue). The album can be purchased regionally from Disconnect Disconnect (UK), Wiretap Records (USA), Fond of Life (EU), Shield Recordings (EU), Fixing A Hole (JP) and Future Void Records (UK).

Building on previous EP’s, the album has received rave reviews for its amped-up take on the Midwestern punk rock of bands like The Get Up Kids and Jimmy Eat World. Harker go at it hard and their sharp guitar-led anthems have as much to say instrumentally as they do lyrically, drawing comparisons to not only pop-punk favourites but also the more seasoned influences of artists like Husker Du, Buffalo Tom, and Dinosaur Jnr.

To celebrate the release of ‘No Discordance’, Harker will be playing two album release shows at the end of the month in Brighton (SOLD OUT) and Portsmouth before a further run of UK tour dates in March. Over the summer months, they appear at European Festivals El Topo Goes Loco in Belgium & Booze Cruise Festival in Germany.

Melodic melodic punk rockish alt rockers HELLIONS have dropped their long-awaited new single “X (Mwah)” today. Alongside the unveiling of “X (Mwah)”. The first piece of new music from the quartet since the release of their critically-acclaimed theatrical masterpiece “Opera Oblivia”, “X” is a defeatist ode to recklessness delivered via an ever-colourful riot of punk rock joy. The jam was first revealed in front of a frenzied capacity crowd at UNIFY 18 in what Australian Guitar Magazine called “a glorious haze of liveliness and grandeur”. “X” had its first official play on triple j’s Good Nights last night and the video can be viewed below.

Hellions guitarist/vocalist Matt Gravolin explains: “60% of the human body consists of water. We are made of stardust atoms. These are remarkable things to contemplate – our very being is miraculous! But considering how few of our actions bear the salubrity of the water we’re composed of and how little light we’re projecting unto the world each day is enough to make one believe we are more of an aberrational race than a miraculous one. This is very much an escapist anthem, we’re embracing abandon and recklessness. We hope you enjoy it!”

Canadian pop-punk quintet BEARINGS is getting ready for their upcoming headline shows and tour with Less Than Jake and Four Year Strong in support of their new EP ‘Nothing Here Is Permanent’. In anticipation, the band has premiered a new video for their song “Letters Home”. Singer Doug Cousins says of the new song: “I think everyone has a special place in their heart for that childhood home they grew up in and the memories it holds. I still think about it all the time”.

Since the release of their latest EP ‘Nothing Here Is Permanent’, Bearings has quickly become one of pop-punk’s breakout bands and a must see on their upcoming tour dates. Fans can purchase the new EP now from Pure Noise Records at bearingsband.com or clicking the button below.

Metalcore / nu-metal act EMMURE have premiered a new video for “Natural Born Killers,” a track from their latest album, Look At Yourself (Sharptone Records).

Rising post-punk electronic 4-piece BELAKO announce new album ‘Render Me Numb, Trivial Violence’ via Primavera Sound’s in-house label El Segell

It is difficult to imagine just what Belako’s limits are. Just when you think they have reached the sky, the Basque country band surprises you once again with a manoeuvre that catapults them towards a new horizon. At this rate, they will finish 2018 with a world tour under their belt – over twenty concerts, a dozen countries, 3 continents – and a new album to boot. ‘Render Me Numb, Trivial Violence’ is the third LP of a band whose members are all in their early twenties and yet are more at ease in their outstanding stage performances than most other bands.

The new album, led by the singles Render Me Numb and Over the Edge, is the latest example of their composing talent, of that ability that they have to create songs which really reach their audience both as a result of their melodies and for what underpins them: guitars and explosive basslines, aggressive drum breaks and a fusion of sounds that are influenced by what was best in the 90s – Riot Grrrl, Grunge, Post-punk and a heady dose of electro-clash thrown in for good measure.

February 23rd is the release date for this new album, the most extensive by the band to date and which will be released jointly by Belako Records, El Segell del Primavera and [PIAS] (for the international market). From then on it’s back on the road, where Belako have really made a name for themselves, this time to present ‘Render Me Numb, Trivial Violence’ that promises to be another great step in the career of Belako.

Today, Brooklyn, NY’s grungy rockers BETHLEHEM STEEL have shared a vide for “Finger It Out,” from their recently released album, Party Naked Forever. The Grey Estates, who premiered the video today are saying, “This song encapsulates that nervous energy of the unknown and in video form it displays an answer, that for right now, Bethlehem Steel is having the time of their lives, and we should, too”. “Finger It Out” was filmed and directed by that band’s own Patrick Ronayne while on tour in 2017 and edited by Isabella Mingione (Baked). Party Naked Forever is out now via Exploding In Sound Records.

Bethlehem Steel have also announced a spring tour that includes SXSW and dates with Washer and Yazan.

hate5six videographer posted a May 19, 2013 live set from NYC legends JUDGE, shot at Webster Hall in Manhattan, NY.

Toronto indie rockers Josh Mover & The Shakers have shared their new single “When I Steal Your Heart”, taken from their debut EP, Into a Ghost, that drops on February 16th, and is available to stream now through SoundCloud and follow on Spotify. Despite the indie tag, the band seems to have little interest in settling into any specific genre, incorporating bits of blues rock, rock’n’roll, and other mooods into the mix, which results in a very worthwhile jam. Listen below and stay tuned for the full record soon!

Josh commented:

At the time that I wrote “When I Steal Your Heart,” like the other songs on this record, I was trying to come to terms with a relationship that ended; I was also listening to quite a bit of Tom Lehrer. I particularly liked how he subverted the expectations of the genre he played in – singing really dark, often tongue-in cheek lyrics over these poppy, piano arrangements. So when I heard his tune “I Hold Your Hand In Mine” the idea came to me to write an anti-love song from the perspective of a psychopath who’s going to take their lost love’s heart, and sell it on the black market.

Karol Kamiński

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