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In the ethereal soundscapes of ‘Kintsukuroi’ from dreamy, fuzzy rockers HUMAN COLONIES

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Bathed in the luminous essence of resilience and emotional renaissance, the new album ‘Kintsukuroi‘ by Human Colonies is not just a collection of tracks but a journey through a soundscape shimmering with golden seams.

Prepare to immerse yourself in an auditory experience where each song is a fragment, meticulously mended to reveal a tapestry of noise-pop and shoegaze brilliance, reflecting the beautiful Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold.

This art form not only inspires the album’s title but also its thematic core: finding strength and beauty in brokenness.

Emerging from Italy’s vibrant music scene, Human Colonies invites you to delve into their latest creation. The album unfolds like a delicate yet fierce storm of dream-pop melodies and garage rock vigor, set to release on September 22th, 2023. It’s a labor of love and a testament to the band’s evolution, offering a sonic homage to the art of kintsukuroi, where every break is an opportunity for a new kind of wholeness.

Through a track-by-track commentary that’s as introspective as it is enlightening, the band shares the deep personal stories and inspirations that fuel their music. From tales of loss and self-discovery to the echoes of cinematic influences, ‘Kintsukuroi‘ is both a nod to the past and a stride into new beginnings.


Glimpse is a reflection about loss. In 2021 Sara lost her father. I wrote this song for her. Loss can completely change your life. What until before appeared to matter doesn’t matter anymore. Many things become bullshit.


Obsession, love and dream endlessy repeated.


WAWWA is inspired by Luca Guadagnino’s HBO series “We Are Who We Are”. It’s a beautiful story of love and friendship. Many important topics are touched with intelligence and never with superficiality.

AIR 909

It’s a pretty emotional song. It principally talks about defeats. All kinds of defeats. You can learn a lot from them.


Relocate is about escaping from dangerous situations. Nothing is guaranteed. You can only try again.

Crushing Indigo

I wrote Crushing Indigo after seeing Solaris by Andrei Tarkovskij. It obsessed me for a long time. I kept dreaming about it.

Quite Clean

I was facing a very difficult time. Quite clean is about a long car trip. I thought it would never end.

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