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Double track premiere: India’s FALSE FLAG + Nepal’s NECK DEEP IN FILTH!

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Indian emoviolence band FALSE FLAG have recently announced a split cassette release with Nepalese hardcore act NECK DEEP IN FILTH, featuring 15 minutes of furious, politically charged hardcore / powerviolence / emoviolence, which offers a scathing criticism of both respective States. Slated for a September 3rd release on Callous Records (UK) and Le Blast Records (CA), the record has already received some teasers, but today we’re giving you a proper insight through double-track premiere from both bands, who offered their commentaries on the political content behing their contributions.

FALSE FLAG is a screamo/emoviolence band from Pune, India (Imagine Orchid playing Neil Perry songs with a dash of Letters to Catalonia). Last December, the band released their debut EP as a digital-only release on Bandcamp, while NECK DEEP IN FILTH released their self-titled debut last year. Band members have loose associations with major Nepal hardcore names such as Sangharsha, Jugaa and Chepang.

Shaunak of FALSE FLAG commented:

Primarily, This record is about the Body seen through the lens of media, politics, Surveillance and Power. It asks questions and urges you to ask them as well. This record builds on the themes we established on our first EP. The song “Docile body” wonders about submission of our “Selves” into being docile subjects in an age of “technological Oligarchy” (?). It is influenced by Max Horkheimer’s “Rise and decline of the individual”.

On this record, we shift gears and offer 4 songs of hard hitting political emoviolence in vein of bands like Orchid, Neil Perry, Letters to Catalonia and Neck Deep in Filth tracks offer their razor sharp brand of Himalayan hardcore. The songs on this record deal with Misogyny, the Media, Modi & right wing politics in both our countries respectively.

Split cover presenting a collage of politically relevant events and personalities in India and Nepal.

False Flag – Counterfeit

“With this song I want to say that I cannot be proud of my heritage/culture/Lineage if it resists change, normalises reactionary violence & is defined by someone’s mythological Fantasies of what a nation is or who “truly belongs” there. And what is a “Nation” Anyway? If we are tied to our histories then it is our duty to examine ourselves as a consequence of many narratives that precede us. I cannot be proud of a culture that dictates what is patriotic and what is not.I especially refuse to be proud of a culture whose narrative is laced with Politicians’ spit.”

Neck deep in filth – Bastion of bigotry

(Over the past decade, Nepal has transitioned from a monarchy to a republic, but mindsets majorly remain the same. And this is true especially for Kathmandu, the capital city. Kathmandu is still where all the power in Nepal lies. It lives in its own bubble; no tragedy outside the valley fazes it.)

Like what you hear? Check out “Flesh”, another new track from FALSE FLAG, premiered in early August on Open Mind / Saturated Blog from Dave Norman of Zegema Beach Records, and “मन की बात”, revealed by Also, don’t miss out on their previous releases and visit their Bandcamp profiles HERE and HERE.

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