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Indie rockers A FOREST MAN & THE ELEMENTS urge to open your eyes to others with new indie, psyche, dark and folk infused single “Invisible”

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After a solo debut in the purest folk genre, A Forest Man surrounds himself with The Elements, while making anew skin. Plugged-in amps, added drums : tenfold emotion! “Invisible” introduces this newcomer on the French rock scene. A first single where dark ambiences and psychedelic flights of fancy are intermingled.

Comments singer/guitarist Olivier Bétard: “Invisible” invites us to open our eyes to each other and really makes sense in a society that daily reminds us to be the first. This song is a poetic call to see through little things that you might not pay attention at first sight, those tiny, nearly unremarkable things we walk close to everyday, without paying attention to them.”

A Forest Man & The Elements - live promo

Carried by a melody and riffs referring to the grunge sound of the 90’s, “Invisible” deals with the individualism inwhich humanity is sinking after months of isolation. The video was made by the band in a 100% DIY spirit. Asuccession of abstract images, shot with the means of the edge, interspersed with scenes representing theurgency to restore their social link and to reinforce it. A Forest Man & The Elements embody four separateentities in various environments. Each member is engaged in a journey with a common outcome: the reunion ofwater, earth, fire and air.

Whether it is a chance meeting or a voluntary one, each will make their own interpretation. Still, A Forest Man & The Elements assert their will of gathering, whereas the return to a normal life is still timid. With this first single,the French calls to find them live in concert, and offer a perfect appetizer before a debut EP to follow later thisyear!


A FOREST MAN AND THE ELEMENTS is Olivier Bétard (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Vincent Bidault (Lead guitar & keyboards), Bertrand Baldach (bass & backing vocals), Lucas Toniolo (Drums).

For fans of : Pink Floyd, Neil Young, 16 Horsepower…

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