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Indonesian metalcore acts HANDS UPON SALVATION and STOLEN VISIONS release new split record; teaser track streaming

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Officially released on tape for Record Store Day 2017 chapter Malang on April 22, 2017 by Malang-based independent record company FTP Inc and slated for a CD release on Yogyakarta’s Samstrong Records and Purwokerto’s Heartcorner Records, the new split between metalcore bands HANDS UPON SALVATION and STOLEN VISIONS received a free streaming track teaser! HANDS UPON SALVATION’s ‘Son, Takes Up The Oppressor’ and its draining ghoulish vocals are a great reflection on gravitating more towards metal and taking it in a more open-ended direction while retaining its brutal core. Listen below.

Stolen Visions, a hardcore/metal born in the 90s, grew up and became a living legend in the city of Malang, Eastern Java, Indonesia. Their debut They Make Me Strongerreleased by Youth Frontline Records in 1997 became a milestone of their legacy. Almost no one had played that kind of hardcore that is infected with metal or affected by the dark charm of Clevo sounds or even European evilcore in that era. Stolen Visions break the domination on the local hardcore scene by became a band infected by hardcore metal with a religious lyrical approach. The album became the very first releases of Indonesian hardcore/metal.

Hands Upon Salvation, also a hardcore/metal compound lives in Yogyakarta. Born with the name of “Destruct” and then changed into Hands Upon Salvation in 2001. Their history started in 2004 with the release of “Celebrate The Newborn” by Diorama Records. The band became the only remaining team from New Vision Brotherhood, a small collective contained with hardcore/metal bands in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Many years has passed for both bands, they filled their own histories with various achievements. And by 2017 both bands agreed to release a split album entitled “Comprehensive Chaos and The Seek of Immortality” and this album will be available in cassettes and also CDs. Initiated by FTP Inc. based in Malang, also Samstrong Records from Yogyakarta/ Pekalongan and then Heartcorner Records from Purwokerto been added, the 3 labels are all from Indonesia. Officially FTP Inc. will release their cassette format on Record Store Day 2017 in Malang by April 2017 and then 2 other labels will followed afterwards.

Stolen Visions will bring with their old material, re-interpreted and re-recorded at the end of 2016 plus a cover from Acme. Hands Upon Salvation will presents a combination of older tracks and also gives a glimpse of their new album which is now being worked on studio. Both bands have agreed to provide a celebration of friendship as well as comprehensive memories that will continue to live up.

Full track listing:

Stolen Visions

01. Diverge
02. Mourning
03. Attempt [Acme cover]
04. Back to Your God

Hands Upon Salvation

01. As The Sky Fall
02. Better by Daylight
03. Son, Takes up The Oppressor


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