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South Florida metalcore pack LOYAL UNTIL DEATH premiere new track; new record coming soon!

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Metallic hardcore / metalcore hybrid LOYAL UNTIL DEATH have premiered the title track for their new crushing record “Remain Defiant”, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Daniel Colombo at Iceman Studios. Pre-orders will be up shortly and there will be both vinyls and CDs pressed for this. “Remain Defiant” is a stunning leap forward for a great band that needs to be heard a lot more!

LOYAL UNTIL DEATH‘s debut full length ‘Born of Violence’ (2013) and two EPs can be heard below as well.

Sick artwork painted by Eliran Kantor.


Fuck the law; Fuck the system
Fuck the church; Fuck your religion
Fuck your scenes; Fuck your trends
Fuck your family; Fuck your friends
Hatred spawned for the world to see
Human outcast, non-conformity
A realist, fuck your positivity
Born here to die; Forced to survive

Witness the ruin our demise as we spawn contempt
Antisocial for good reason fake smiles hide true intent

Fuck em’ all through strife we’re reborn the factious riot a revolution by war
Words of hate meant to enrage offend the soft starve the depraved
Crush their will inflict their pain fuck their hope fuck their dreams
Fuck the faithful and the bullshit they preach
Fuck the rich, fuck the poor with tolerance comes defeat

Ruthless desires criminal train of thought atrocity you call civilization
Narcissistic arrogance thoughts of resent the walking oblivious blind and ignorant
Held back by doubt just fall in place denied the truth insecurities
Uncontrollable acts of violence a homicidal urge that won’t abate
A broken system and a factory line the failing state of the human race
Defiance threatening
Compliance deadening
Silence deafening
Waging war waging war
Remain defiant

LOYAL UNTIL DEATH’s debut their first EP “Forgiveness Is For The Weak”:

“Born Of Violence”, the band’s debut full length album:

‘Two To The Chest – One To The Head’ EP, released in 2015:


Demons Run Amok Ent.

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