INNARDS reveal their side of the split w/ ADOBE HOMES

Virginia’s Flannel Gurl Records and the awesome guys from Texas’ INNARDS have teamed up with IDIOTEQ to give a full stream of their side of the split with Albuquerque’s ADOBE HOMES. The record will be out on May 14th, but  you can get a nice sneak peek below. I’m eternally grateful to them for this opportunity.

These guys play a fresh, technical blend of emotional hardcore, post hardcore and screamo fueled by the energy and passion of youth and raw punk attitude. Below you can find the exclusive commentary from Jonathan and Kimmi Ashwell (Flannel Gurl Records) on how excited they are to have this beautiful outing distributed under their flag.

Check it out!

This split has been a year in the making. The idea behind the record came about when we asked INNARDS if they would be interested in letting us work with them on their LP. They told us they had plans to put out their LP with Count Your Lucky Stars, but they were talking about doing a split with this band from Albuquerque, NM called ADOBE HOMES. Being that we have never heard ADOBE HOMES before, we were quite interested. We eventually listened to ADOBE HOMES’ Ristra on Bear Records and knew that we were going to get to work on something special. The tracks were mastered by Josh Bonati of Bonati Mastering (RAEIN, WILD NOTHING and FRODUS). The record is now available for pre-order at flannelgurl.bigcartel.com.

The record will be available on 200 Clearwater Blue & 300 Clearwater Orange.

Thanks for listening!

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