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Into the shadows of neuromanticism, with VIOLET SILHOUETTE’s “Feverblue”

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In the dim-lit corners of the night, where desires and urges run rampant, emerges the haunting echo of Violet Silhouette’s latest offering, “Feverblue“. Released just a week ago on October 20th, this sophomore EP delves into the ethereal realm of “neuroromanticism,” a term the post-wave trio has coined to describe their unique blend of sensory exploration and introspection.

With a cocktail of dance-punk, industrial vibes, and poetic lyricism, “Feverblue” promises an immersive journey for those willing to tread the fine line between ecstasy and despair.

Born out of wine-streaked nights and the bitter aftertaste of heartbreak, “Feverblue” is a testament to Violet Silhouette’s prowess in channeling raw emotion into art. The EP stands as a beacon for the restless souls, a solace for those who find poetry in the void. As the band eloquently states, “Feverblue was written in consolement of the restless; to those howling their poetry in the abyss. We hear you.”

Feverblue” is a reflection of Violet Silhouette’s journey through the labyrinth of human emotion. With its rich tapestry of different moods and poignant lyricism, it beckons listeners to embark on a soul-stirring odyssey.

Violet Silhouette

In a world that often feels chaotic and overwhelming, “Feverblue” offers a sanctuary, a place where one can confront their deepest fears and emerge, reborn.

Today, we dive deep into the details of each and every track from this interesting album, with a special track by track rundown, offered by the band themselves.

STRANGE WIND – The night is where we go to imbibe in our desires and urges, let loose, and enjoy ourselves. Some stay close to shore. Some go farther… into dissolution, disintegration, and, in the most tragic case, full renunciation of their earthly body [death]. This song explores the ‘death-drive’ and the shadows that haunt our nocturnal excursions.

PINKISH MOUNTAINS – The entrapment of the intellect in the limbo of thinking, juxtaposed by the rapture of felt experience.

HIERDA DEMONIACA – Hierda Demoniaca, translated from Spanish as “Demonic Weed”, is a song of romance so passionate, and so intense, that it feels like you’re in a drug-induced state. One is willing to give body and flesh entirely to an annihilating embrace; surrendering one’s pith barrier of ‘self’ to the Infinite ocean of Love.


UNDER THE TABLE – This song is what we imagine being shot in the chest by cupid feels like. But the arrow hits differently when you feel like you aren’t deserving of Love. ‘Under the table’ is another way of saying you’re drunk and stumbling, and so you get caught off-guard by some beautiful advance. You’ve been so sterile in your cold world of isolating yourself that you’re ready to succumb to Love’s unpredictable realm of intimacy.

SET IN STONE – Turning one’s spiritual-emotional wounds into the vehicle of self-transformation and renewal. A song of sacrifice and offering; an invocation of Higher Will.

URCHIN – This one is for the real loners out there, paddling somewhere in the abyss.


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