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“No Love Lost” – YEAR OF THE KNIFE streaming new massive album in full

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Year of The Knife, known for their gripping sound, has unveiled their latest masterpiece, “No Love Lost,” under the banner of Pure Noise Records. This nine-track album, spanning a potent 20 minutes, showcases the band’s distinct blend of hardcore and death metal, a creation that is bound to captivate its audience.

Crafted under the expert hands of Kurt Ballou, who has previously collaborated with Nails, The Armed, and Code Orange, “No Love Lost” stands out for its vast sonic depth. Stereogum, in a comprehensive review, applauded the album, remarking on its intense riffs, brutal breakdowns, and raw vocals that seem to “set off a bomb in the pit of a sweaty DIY space.”

However, behind the album lies a tragic tale. In June, while on their tour, the band suffered a severe car accident, resulting in grave injuries for all members. Madison Watkins, the lead vocalist, faced the worst of it with numerous fractures and a traumatic brain injury. Despite these trying times, the album radiates resilience and determination, even more so given their recent ordeal. A silver lining to this is that proceeds from “No Love Lost” sales will be directed towards the recovery of the band members.

Brandon Watkins, bassist and Madison’s spouse, shared the emotional journey surrounding the album and the aftermath of the accident. He highlighted the collective effort in creating the album, with every member contributing to its diverse sound.

Drummer Andrew Kisielewski echoed similar sentiments, speaking of the challenges post-accident and the excitement to share their passion project with the world. He emphasized the collaborative approach to the album, which he believes perfectly encapsulates the essence of Year of The Knife.

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“Every tough-as-nails riff, punishing breakdown, and throat-shredding vocal barrage feels engineered to set off a bomb in the pit of a sweaty DIY space.” – Stereogum

“…a ripping dose of metallic hardcore…” – Revolver Magazine

“… a significant slab of sound that benefits from high volume.” – Consequence

“…the kind of fury and menace you can put on repeat endlessly.” – Treblezine

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