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Introducing: LA groovy alt rockers KARMA VULTURE and their new vampire visual

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Los Anegles based moody rock trio KARMA VULTURE are relatively new players on the rock scene, but they are kicking it off with a proper bang, proving to be richer and fuller in sound and substance than your average heavy, yet melodic rock band. They will be releasing three new songs, all as singles, over the coming months, culminating in the bands first official EP release “Loud As Fuck”. The band is already back in the studio working on what will become the second EP which is slated to be released in March of 2020. Today, we’re pleased to introduce their debut single “Karma Vulture”, presented through an edgy little vampire visual with a fun twist.

Here’s what the band’s lead singer/bass player Conor Spellane had to say about the new track:

β€œKarma Vulture, at its core, is about the feeling of being smothered by something that you love, and the realization that despite your best efforts, this person, place, or thing, is in no way good for you. In this case love and lust all wrapped in one. It’s also kind of about the fact that actions have consequences. Something that may seem fairly benign in the moment in which it occurs can, and often, have far reaching repercussions on you as a person.”

Karma Vulture by Anne Dakota Coughlin @anniedakota
Karma Vulture by Anne Dakota Coughlin @anniedakota

Asked about the music video, writer/director Markus Thorington commented:

“Working with Karma Vulture really allowed us to indulge our darker cinematic sensibilities…It’s clearly a love song, but imbued with a bitterness that suggests the narrator is being held hostage by his emotions. He seems to be conceding that it was bad decision to get involved, but there is no turning back at this point. This deadly infatuation lent itself to the idea of the main character being seduced by a vampiress. The twist is that, although he will never return to a normal life amongst the living, he’s perfectly content, as he’s found what he’s looking for, albeit in an unlikely form.

Catch the band live at:

September 27th Westside Revival at Harvelles Santa Monica, CA
October 16h The Satellite Silver Lake, CA

The band is also looking to tour starting in Spring 2020, so expect dates across the West Coast and South West to be announced soon!

KARMA VULTURE logo by Zoe Rose of the Los Angeles based collective Rotten Creative
KARMA VULTURE logo by Zoe Rose of the Los Angeles based collective Rotten Creative
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