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This letter says “Hi, you’re already dead inside. Bye.” – fierce emoviolence act EVA RAS premiere new track!

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Serbian one-man machine Filip Stojiljkovic has been putting out myriad of low key, yet impressive projects both with his movies inspired emoviolence act EVA RAS and highly prolific DIY label Confusion Specialist Records. His outings combines sounds from the entire spectrum of extreme hardcore, screamo, with a spattering of distorted noise, experimental music and ambient. Most of the offerings plunge the listeners into an eerie world of fierce and disturbing soundscapes that conjure feelings of fear, pain and torture, but also love and hope. There’s a subtle poignancy in his madness and I simply can’t resist it. Today, we’re giving you the first new track from the first half of the double EP release dubbed “Meni nije svejedno…//…It’s not whatever“. The track is called “This letter says “Hi, you’re already dead inside. Bye.”” and can be heard below!

The “Meni nije svejedno…//…It’s not whatever” EP is be supported by Khya Records (Ser), Librarian Records (Ser), and Kalimba Records (UK).

EVA RAS new album cover

Meni nije svejedno…//…It’s not whatever” is a first half of the double EP, which is a collection of songs signified as a call for help, emotionally, psychologically and socially.

This Letter…” talks about the struggles of feeling hopeless. Sometimes, you’d feel alone and assume that no one rather listens to you. If you do try to talk about the issues presented in the world, they pretend to listen while wearing rose colored glasses and then willfully ignore you. It just hurts.

The cover that I chose for the album is a still from Andrey Tarkovsky’s Ivan’s Childhood. Regarding the concept of the EP, i think that image alone can speak for itself.

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